• Legamaster cares about a green future

    Reducing the use of paper and energy is often the first focus for green initiatives in the workplace. But there are of course a lot more ways to support your sustainability goals. Have you ever thought about the visual communication tools in your office? By integrating our eco-friendly solutions into your office, you will reduce your environmental footprint and enable effective collaboration at the same time.

    Eco-friendly solutions & initiatives
    As part of the edding Group, we have a long tradition in taking a holistic approach towards sustainability. This runs through everything we do and includes our production methods, logistics, materials used, packaging and the lifetime of our products.

    Where possible, we also let this be confirmed by official green certifications such as FSC® or PEFC. However, not every green initiative is quantifiable. That’s why we have summarized the highlights here so you can easily find the most eco-friendly solutions for your workplace.


    Whiteboards with a green heart

    Even if you cannot tell from the outside, our whiteboards have a truly green heart. We build up our whiteboards with a strong core made out of FSC®- or PEFC-certified wood or (honeycomb) board. This core provides stability for the magnetic top layer, which is either made out of lacquered steel or (cradle-to-cradle certified) enamel steel that can even withstand the toughest conditions.

    Accessories & paper

    Sustainable accessories

    All bits add up when it comes to sustainability. That’s why we have developed a range of stylish and sustainable WOODEN accessories for whiteboards, glassboards and pinboards where all wooden parts come from sustainable forestry and are FSC® certified. We also exclusively offer Flipchart paper pads that have an EU Ecolabel certification and workshop cards that are FSC®-certified.


    Refillable markers & spare nibs

    Did your marker run out of ink or did you damage the nib? Don’t throw it away just yet, because a wide selection of Legamaster markers are refillable and the nibs can be replaced. Instead of throwing away your old markers, you can easily make your markers last longer. Wondering if your markers are refillable and which refill ink is the right one? Check the specifications here.

    • Refill ink in the colors black, green, blue and red
    • Spare nibs available for whiteboard and flipchart markers


    Carton-only packaging

    Together with our partners, we have a keen focus on reducing the amount of packaging and reusing or recycling packaging. We are constantly looking for ways to improve, try to save materials and systematically research alternative materials.

    We limit our transport packaging to what is absolutely necessary and wherever possible, we use carton-only packaging as a sustainable alternative to plastic or foam. For our accessories and accessory sets, we design the packaging so it can be used for storage and transportation as well.


    We plant trees with iplantatree

    We are currently supporting a forest conversion area with 2,000 trees located in the German southern Harz region, which is certified according to PEFC and FSC® standards. For this, we are pleased to have found a partner in iplantatree that focuses on sustainable forestry through planting trees and caring for them in order to make an effective contribution to climate protection.

    Visit the iplantatree website to learn more about the project or to donate a tree yourself.