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Legamaster touch monitors with Apple device

To use the touch features on Legamaster touch monitors while connected to Apple's macOS you need to install the all in one macOS driver on your Apple device.

Download macOS all in one driver


It’s more than a Whiteboard

FlatFrog Board is a collaborative whiteboard solution that turns ordinary meetings into productive sessions whether in the office or at home. Contribute remotely from your laptop and use the same tools as you have in the meeting room.

  • Ideal for project visualization and task tracking and working with Agile, Lean, Pulse or anything in between
  • Get your team set-up quickly and collaborate effectively in-room or across remote sites

All projects can be instantly accessed by team, besides that you have unlimited pages, pen-on-paper ease, and multi-user support. Get the best out of two worlds and combine your Supreme touchscreen with FlatFrog Board Rooms software for free.

How to get FlatFrog Board

Share every document in a second

EShare is a wireless screen-sharing application that will not only allow you to collaborate and cast your content from your mobile phone, tablet or laptop, but also enables you to directly and seamlessly share files to your ETX touchscreen. This provides you with an easy and reliable way of integrating with all the built-in tools you need. You have the ability to cast up 9 devices simultaneously to your touch screen and annotate directly to the screen with your own personal device. We hear you thinking, yes how awesome is that! For more information about an EShare license, please contact your dealer or our customer care team.

Download EShare

Universal whiteboard software
With integrated education tools

  • UBoardMate CC has a simple and friendly interface and provides smooth and realistic writing on a touchscreen
  • It has built-in rich resources and gadgets, which provide all the functional modules and teacher-student interaction tools needed to facilitate a wide variety of teaching dynamic
  • Teachers and educators can combine games and learning methods to keep the attention of students
  • UBoardMate CC has a infinity whiteboard that allows users to take notes, brainstorm and educate with amazing built-in tools like Math, chemistry, timers, voting etc. Besides that, the user can easily insert a video or image via a browser or also screenshot their content within the application
  • It is compatible with mainstream office documents such as PowerPoint slideshows and PDF’s, this enables the teacher to annotate and collaborate with existing content and presentations

Download UBoardMate CC Windows 7/8/10 

Download UBoardMate CC Windows 11

Turn your meetings
into effective Sessions

Get the most out of your Legamaster e-Screen with Sessions - a secure and user-friendly end-to-end software solution that covers all core meeting phases: plan, collaborate and recap.

Sessions is designed to fit the needs of both the user and the organisation as it enables effective, interactive meetings in a user-friendly and secure environment. Due to the intuitive design, Sessions enables everyone - from first-time users to experienced pro’s - to turn any meeting into an effective session.

Here you can download the Sessions software, the Quick Start Guide and a detailed manual for the Microsoft Exchange integration. All other user manuals are available as on-screen tutorials within the software. To start using the software, you can opt for a 30-day free trial or fill in your activation key, which you received from your Legamaster dealer.


Sessions software V1.0.003

Windows Client V1.0.0

Quick Start Guide (EN, DE, FR, ES, NL, IT)

Microsoft Exchange Server Configuration in Office 365 (EN)

e-Board touch software is our simple calibration tool for your touch boards solution. After a simple installation you will be able to calibrate your e-Board an as well as customize some simple options for you device just following the steps on your screen. 


Windows | e-Board touch software

macOS | e-Board touch software

Linux | e-Board touch software

UBoardMate for Windows
(Legacy software)

The UBoardMate for Windows Software is our Legacy education software, it was one of our first choices to integrate on our e-screens. If you knew this software you can still download it from this link. You can use our new and improved software UBoardMate CC which is our LATEST education software. The files from your previous UBoardMate for Windows will be compatible.

Download UBoardMate for Windows