Co-creation means a collaborative process to create new value. PLAYROOM stands for power of co-creation like no other brand! Pushing innovation, business culture and transformation processes to its best is what PLAYROOM is striving for. PLAYROOM empowers everyone to trigger their creativity through play.

    With the right mindset that allows creativity and the time for it, collaborative innovation can take place. With fun, the willingness to share and improve together, inspirational ideas are created. PLAYROOM creates a “room to play” for everyone to help them realise their individual goals.

    Creating room for ideas

    We believe in a world where people can unleash their creativity through play.

    PLAYROOM lets users experience that work can be more playful in a professional context than they might think.

    Every day we create room for ideas to make work more creative, efficient and fun.


    Make work more creative, efficient and fun

    PLAYROOM empowers professionals to unleash their creativity through play by co-creating solutions that make work more creative, efficient and fun.

    PLAYROOM loves to create a “room to play” to trigger creativity with the aim of always developing the best solutions fitting the individual goals of their customers. PLAYROOM pushes innovation, business culture and transformation processes to its best by stimulating co-creation.

    Realise your innovative ideas

    Ever since the PLAYROOM brand was born in 2016, it stands for ‘room follows play’.

    Playing to trigger and unleash creativity is how the brand tackles any customer’s challenge. The solutions support the playful way of realising one’s innovative ideas. PLAYROOM offers the right environment to stimulate creativity through play and the right tools to get your jobs done.

    Always daring for the new

    PLAYROOM offers his users the latest methods and approaches as the brand is always daring for the new.

    Being a flexible and fast learner, PLAYROOM offers standardized tools, trainings, workshops and tailor-made innovation rooms that are state-of-the-art.



    Focussed on your needs

    As a clearly customer-oriented brand, PLAYROOM always lays the customers' needs at the base of everything that the brand does. Always with the goal to develop solutions that fit the users' situation and challenges best.



    PLAYROOM develops innovative tools and environments that allow students and employees to achieve their full potential. Tools like the FLIP THINK or the THINK Terminal put methodologies like Design Thinking right in the users hands and let them interactively realise their ideas without being an expert.


    Workshop design is one of PLAYROOM’s core services with a focus on trainings and train-the-trainer sessions on Future Thinking, Design Thinking, Customer Journey Mapping and Corporate Co-Innovation. The methodology framework used for the custom trainings and workshops is always tailored to the specific needs of the customer.


    In the field of process design and consulting, PLAYROOM works closely with its clients to put a new spin on standardised innovation processes. The goal is that employees feel inspired and motivated to get involved, create new things and follow through from the ideation phase to the execution phase by taking steps along a structured process together as a team. For this, PLAYROOM consults on different working methods and designs physical co-creation spaces based on the needs of the customer.