FAQ specified for general Legamaster information

No, we don't. We only supply to our extensive network of specialist distributors.

Our products are available in almost 40 countries within Europe and beyond. The bulk of our turnover comes from exports.

Yes, we do. Our made-to-measure production expertise means that we can meet your personal requests. Thanks to our specific product knowledge, flexible approach and specialist production plants, we can produce almost any desired variation of our products. Can't find what you are looking for within our range? Talk to us!

At Legamaster, we regard our customers as partners who are the focus of everything we do.

Ergonomics, durability, innovation, quality and an attractive functional design are integral to our vision. But we offer our customers more than just high-quality products. To us, a good product deserves good service. And that is what we provide.

If your question hasn't been answered here, please let us know by sending an e-mail to info@legamaster.com. We will answer your question as soon as possible.

FAQ about our whiteboards, flipcharts and other non-electronic products

Before using your whiteboard for the first time, it is best to wipe it clean.
Spray Legamaster cleansing spray onto the board and wipe gently with a board eraser, soft sponge or cloth. Make sure that the surface is dry before you start writing on it!
Always use Legamaster board markers. The ink from these markers can easily be wiped off all our whiteboards and is odorless too.

Whenever your whiteboard is in use, it is best to clean it thoroughly once a week using cleaning products. This will remove any marker residue and also helps to guarantee that ink traces can be properly removed. If you purchase an additional starter kit with your whiteboard, you will have everything that you need in order to make the best possible use of your board directly to hand.


When used with Legamaster markers and cleaning products in accordance with the instructions above:

  • the enamel steel writing surface comes with a 25-year guarantee;
  • the lacquered steel writing surface comes with a 5-year guarantee;
  • other product components and products come with a standard 2-year guarantee.


Enamel steel:

Quality of this surface: long-term intensive use
The whiteboard writing surface of highest quality is enamel steel and comes with a 25-year guarantee. The enamel steel that Legamaster uses for its whiteboards is hard-baked at 800 ºC to provide a high-quality, extremely hard writing surface.

Because the surface is scratch-resistant, if you use the wrong markers (e.g. permanent markers) you can still remove the ink without causing any damage to your board. Ink wipes off easily, even after a long period of time. Also, Legamaster enamel steel is environmentally-friendly e3 steel with cradle-to-cradle certification.

Lacquered steel:

Quality of this surface: long-term regular use
The lacquered steel board surface has a special coating, suitable for writing on with dry-wipe, alcohol-based board markers. The writing surface is magnetic so that information and written notes can be attached using magnets.


Quality of this surface: regular use
The non-magnetic melamine resin surface is scratch- and pressure-resistant to a certain extent and you can write on it with dry-wipe alcohol-based board markers.

Legamaster offers a wide variety of planners within its range, each with a specific purpose. To find the best planner to suit your specific needs, answer the following 3 questions and then choose your ideal planner from our range based on your answers:

What periods of time do I need to plan for? How many people/items/events do I want to display? How much available wall space do I have?

Besides planners for every individual purpose, we have a wide range of accessories such as board markers, magnets, magnetic tape, shapes and symbols for you to use with your planner.

FAQ about the interactive e-Screen assortment

1. Ensure the power plug and the video-cable plugs are installed correctly at both ends.

2. Check if the main power switch is set to “|“ (only for PROFESSIONAL / PTX e-Screens).

3. Check if the e-Screen is not in standby mode by pressing the on/off button on the remote or e-Screen keypad.

4. Make sure the correct input is selected.

5. Check that source equipment is operating correctly, for instance:

  • The source is turned on and not in standby or sleep mode
  • All video cables are not damaged (e.g. cable breaks or bend pins inside the connector)
  • If possible check with other source and cables

6. In case of long video cables (>5m): check signal transmission with the originally supplied cables.

7. In case of installations with peripheral equipment such as distribution amplifiers, matrix switchers, signal boosters, etc.: check the working of the screen with the source directly connected to the e-Screen, using the originally supplied cables.

8. When the e-Screen does turn on by using the keypad of the e-Screen, replace the battery of the remote control and try again.

Bad image quality of source signal

1. Check that source equipment is operating correctly, for instance:

  • All video cables are installed correctly at both ends and not damaged (e.g. cable breaks or bend pins inside the connector).
  • Make sure the resolution of the input signal is set to the native resolution of the e-Screen (1920x1080@60Hz, 3840x2160@30Hz for UHD e-Screens).

2. If possible check with other source and cables.

The image is positioned incorrectly

1. Disconnect and reconnect the signal cable
2. Restart the entire system, make sure to first switch on the monitor and secondly the source.
3. Perform a factory reset from the menu of the e-Screen
4. Turn off scaling in the display settings of the source

The image is too light or too dark

1. Adjust the brightness and contrast of the e-Screen
2. Make sure no direct light source shines on the brightness sensor on the backside of the e-Screen (only for PROFESSIONAL / PTX e-Screens)

The picture color looks poor
1.    Check the colour picture settings of the e-Screen
2.    Perform a factory reset from the menu of the e-Screen

Remote control is not working
1.    Make sure the batteries are new and installed correctly.
2.    Ensure the remote is aimed at the IR sensor on the display. For PROFESSIONAL / PTX e-Screens, the IR sensor is positioned at the backside of the monitor. Please use the IR extender to place the IR receiver at the desired location.

No Touch
1.    Make sure the USB cable is installed correctly at both ends and not damaged
2.    Disconnect and reconnect the USB cable after 10 seconds, please allow the PC to detect the hardware. This can take a few seconds
3.    Reboot the PC.
4.    If applicable for the operating system in use: install the necessary drivers

Touch performance is poor or is not at the same position

1. Make sure there are no unwanted objects in range of the touch system (e.g. jacket sleeves).
2. Make sure there are no light sources (e.g. halogen lamps or sun light) shining directly at the surface of the e-Screen.
3. Place your finger or stylus in a 90 degree angle on the touch surface.
4. Do not hold the stylus too close towards the tip.
5. Please make sure the inside of the bezel (where the touch sensors are placed) is clean(ed) and free of items blocking the view of the sensors (e.g. a magnet).
6. Turn off scaling in the display settings of the source.
7. Perform calibration procedure according to the e-Screens Quick Setup Guide.
8. Calibrate with the resolution as mentioned in the Quick Setup Guide.
9. When necessary you can download the software from http://www.legamaster.com/downloads/software

Touch recognition is slow
1.    Close all active windows on the PC
2.    Reboot the PC

FAQ about the e-Board Touch assortment

All problems concerning No Picture, Picture Quality or Image Position are related to the beamer. Therefore please consult the user manual of the beamer.

Touch function is not working
1.    Check if the supplied Power-Supply is connected to mains and to the connection on the
       backside of the board.
2.    Check if the USB cable is connected to the computer and board and that it is not damaged.
3.    Disconnect the USB cable and wait for 10 seconds, then re-connect it. Allow the computer a few
       seconds to activate the connection and find the hardware.
4.    Reboot the computer.
5.    When applicable, install the correct drivers for your operating system.

1.    Check if you have the program T3kCfg installed on your computer.

2.    If necessary you can download the software here: www.legamaster.com/downloads/software

3.    Perform the calibration procedure as described in the calibration procedure in the Quick Setup Guide.
       Ensure there is no scaling used in the display settings of the computer.

Poor performance of touch function
1.    Calibration before first use is mandatory.
2.    Ensure that the area of the touch system is not interrupted by other objects, like the sleeve of a jacket.
3.    Ensure there are no light sources shining directly on the surface of the board.
4.    Place your Stylus or finger in an angle of 90 degrees on the touch surface.
5.    Do not hold the Stylus too close to the tip.
6.    Ensure that the inner sides of the edges (the place of the sensors) are clean and dust free and not
       blocked by an object (e.g. a magnet), so the line of sight for the sensors is not interrupted.
7.    Turn off any scaling in the Display Settings of the computer.

Recognition of touch is slow
1.    Close all programs on the computer.
2.    Reboot the computer.