Explore how Google Services can revolutionize your educational environment and enhance your learning potential. Immerse yourself in a realm of boundless opportunities to achieve and exceed your objectives.



    EVOLVE 2
    Shape Tomorrow's Education with Us

    Experience how intuitive and interactive learning can be with EVOLVE 2 from Legamaster. This touchscreen is perfect for bringing your lessons to life, whether through collaborative group work or engaging team sessions. Thanks to its Google certification, you can seamlessly integrate all your favorite educational apps. Enjoy outstanding image and sound quality, a sleek design, and an operating system that is always up-to-date.

    • Dynamic Learning: Utilization of interactive methods tailored to the needs of learners
    • Google Integration: Effective use of Google Tools to enhance learning efficiency
    • Eco-Technology: Utilization of environmentally friendly technologies that contribute to environmental protection

    EXPLORE 2 + Google Certified Navigator
    Open new horizons of education

    With the EXPLORE 2 touchscreen and the Google-certified Navigator (EDLA), you blur the boundaries of conventional learning. Discover how you can redefine creativity and collaboration in your learning environment. Immerse yourself in a world where smart technology and interactivity go hand in hand.

    • Cutting-edge Technology: Use of advanced technologies for a new learning experience
    • Versatile Access: Free access to Google Play and Microsoft 365 for flexible learning opportunities
    • Green Technology: Use of ecologically sustainable technologies to promote environmental protection

    A New Era of Teamwork:
    How Google Services (EDLA) is Changing the Game

    Join us in exploring the world of Google Services (EDLA) as it sets new standards in education. In our latest blog post, we explore the diverse features and opportunities this technology offers for teachers and learners. After introducing the innovative features of our solutions, we focus on the transformative power of Google Services in education. We warmly invite you to discover with us how these tools can reshape the way we learn and teach. Be inspired and find out how these developments can make everyday life in educational institutions a truly inspiring experience.

    We Are Your GO-TO PARTNER for educational institutions

    At Legamaster, we are convinced that creative and collaborative learning can and will redefine education. We want you not just to use our products, but to benefit from our innovative solutions.

    We aim not only to equip schools with the latest technology but to demonstrate how our intuitive and interactive touchscreens can be optimally used to revolutionize learning.

    Our solution concept is much more than just a product: It includes a complete care package with personal consulting, on-site support, and a comprehensive 8-year warranty. As part of the edding Group and as proponents of the 1% for the Planet Initiative, we consistently focus on sustainability in all areas of our activity, from manufacturing to disposal. By combining advanced technology and ecological awareness, we strive not only to improve the professional lives of our customers but also to actively contribute to the protection of our Earth.

    Are you ready to transform your learning environment into a place full of creativity and efficiency? Book a consulting session with our experts and let's transform your educational world together.

    Legamaster - where innovative education meets responsibility

    Learn more about our efforts in data protection and our commitment to environmental conservation here.

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