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    As working from home is becoming a more permanent concept for most professionals around the world, it is increasingly important that your workspace supports your own way of working. While video conferencing and remote collaboration has become a habit, the ‘new normal’ also brings new challenges.

    A key challenge is that at home, very often the right tools for visualising ideas and collaborating with colleagues (at a distance) are missing or do not fit in with the rest of the home design. We believe that this does not have to be the case. Did you know that there are functional yet stylish solutions that will look great in your home office and support you and your team throughout the day while collaborating at a distance?

    Whiteboards & glassboards

    Visualise your planning & ideas

    Whiteboards are one of the most versatile tools for visualisation. You can easily write and draw, erase and start all over again. Make a planning for yourself or your entire team, visualise a new idea or take notes during a (remote) brainstorm session or webinar.

    The most popular choices for home offices are the stylish ESSENCE whiteboards with rounded corners, glassboards and the BOARD-UP whiteboards that can be arranged in any creative pattern to fit your wall. 


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    Always a whiteboard or flipchart at hand

    Do you prefer an even more flexible solution? Try the static Magic-Chart whiteboard and flipchart foils that simply stick to any flat surface. You can stick them on any door, wall or window and easily (re-)move them when you are done. With Magic-Charts, you have a whiteboard or flipchart at hand - anywhere you want and anytime you need.

    Magic-Charts are static sheets, which means that they stick without glue and there is no need to drill any holes. All you need is a flat surface and you immediately have a large writing surface where you can take notes and visualise your ideas or your planning.


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    Perfect acoustics during calls & video conferences

    The BOARD-UP acoustic pinboards have a dual function - you can attach notes and pictures with push pins and they have a positive effect on the acoustics in the room thanks to its PET core. Thereby, you have your most important notes or favourite pictures whithin sight and an improved sound experience during calls and video conferences.

    The frameless acoustic pinboards can be mounted on the wall in a few minutes and easily be integrated into your home office thanks to their stylish appearance. The acoustic pinboards can also be perfectly combined with the corresponding BOARD-UP whiteboards. Simply mix & match different boards and sizes to create your perfect visualisation wall.


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    Get the most out of your tools

    Get the most out of your tools with our high-quality push pins, magnets, markers and erasers. This will give you the best experience while using the whiteboards, glassboards or pinboards. By using the right markers and cleaners, you can keep your whiteboard or glasboard in the best shape and extend its lifetime.

    Did you know we also offer a whole range of stylish and sustainable wooden accessories? Our range of WOODEN accessories include a wooden magnet, push pin, marker holder, accessory holder, whiteboard eraser and paper hook.


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