• Creative space in your home office

    How can your workplace support your own way of working and fit in with your own style at the same time? After all, the home is first and foremost the place where you live, but also the place where you need to be productive when working remotely.

    With BOARD-UP, we offer a modular solution that supports the way you want to work while fitting in with the rest of your home. The BOARD-UP solution can flexibly be adapted to your needs and your available space.

    • Modern, frameless design
    • Whiteboards & acoustic pinboards
    • Easy to mount and rearrange
    • Mix & match different types and sizes


    Visualise your ideas

    Whiteboards are an extremely popular office tool to make a quick sketch, take notes or visualise a project planning. When working remotely, this is of course still the case, but it is also important that they fit in the surrounding.

    With the BOARD-UP whiteboards, it is possible to flexibly integrate one or more whiteboards into your home office. Thanks to their modern, frameless design and the different available sizes, the BOARD-UP whiteboards can turn any wall into a space where you can visualise your ideas.


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    Acoustic pinboards

    Better acoustics in your home office

    The BOARD-UP acoustic pinboards have a dual function. First of all, they improve the acoustics in the room by absorbing sound, so that you can concentrate better on your work and have a better sound experience during (video) calls.

    Secondly, the elegant boards are also pinnable so you can use them to have your notes, to-do’s and favorite pictures within sight. The frameless acoustic pinboards are available in the different sizes and two modern colours - "quiet grey" and "soft beige”.


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    Mix & match

    Create your ideal visualisation wall

    With BOARD-UP, it is possible to create a mosaic of different boards. For example, combine an acoustic pinboard with two whiteboards or the other way around. The possibilities are endless.

    It’s fully up to you if you want to hang different boards tight against each other or with a space in between. All the different boards are frameless and have the same magnetic mounting system, which means that you can easily rearrange boards at any time.

    Special colours

    Find the right colour

    Next to the two standard colours, quiet grey and soft beige, the BOARD-UP acoustic pinboards are also available in 23 other colours. This can make them blend in with your interior even more. Please note that for these special colours, there is another price and delivery time.

    601 Soft beige602 Cotton beige603 Sandy beige604 Vintage brown
    605 Honey brown606 Oak brown607 Almond brown 608 Iron grey
    609 Pure brown610 Radiant yellow611 Blazing red612 Sparkling purple
    613 Marina blue614 Calm blue615 Denim blue616 Midnight blue
    617 Pearl grey618 Quiet grey619 River grey620 Silent grey
    621 Warm grey622 Rustic grey623 Autumn brown624 Navy blue
    625 Lime green




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