• Sustainable knowledge transfer

    With the new EVOLVE series, we launch our most advanced and at the same time most sustainable generation of touch displays. Nature leads the way - sustainable and vital collaborations like the bee pollinating the blossoms of an apple tree and contributing to our harvest of food for our children to eat and grow up healthy. To impressively illustrate the knowledge about this natural interaction to the next generation is essential and influences our chances for a good future..

    Environmental protection and sustainable action have been firmly anchored in the corporate DNA of Legamaster and the edding Group since the company was founded, in order to give future generations the chance of a good future. So it was only logical and consistent for us to focus on sustainability when developing our latest display series.

    Durable and resource-saving:

    All components of the EVOLVE touch displays are carefully selected and designed for long-term use in schools and offices

    Energie saving

    EVOLVE consumes on average 30 - 40% less power than comparable products on the market. Over the lifetime of an EVOLVE display, approximately 2,000 euros in electricity costs and more than 2 tonnes of CO2 can be saved.

    Safety Glass

    EVOLVES touch surface is made out of etched safety glass, whose reflection-reducing properties do not wear out even with intensive use.

    50K hours

    EVOLVE's panel has a long-lasting lifespan of 50,000 hours.

    Android 11

    The Android 11 operating system, which can be kept up-to-date via OTA updates, is currently the most future-proof system.

    Doing good with EVOLVE
    and 1% for the Planet

    A very special feature of the EVOLVE displays is the 1% for the Planet certification. As part of this certification, we donate 1% of the sales generated with the EVOLVE to the 1% for the Planet Foundation to support sustainability and environmental protection projects worldwide. We see the EVOLVE as the successor to our successful ETX series as a device that will be used mostly in schools and educational institutions. Institutions where the aim is to prepare a future for our children. A future for which we all have a responsibility. With the 1% for the Planet membership we can give back a part for a future worth living.

    Intuitive and simple

    1. Quick access menu arrows, by clicking them you will instantly have access to some useful tools and settings.

    2. Three buttons can be found in the bottom center of the screen’s vessel.

    • Back button: By only tapping on this button, you will go one step backwards on your menu or option. Holding this button for one second will open the inputs menu.
    • Home button: By only tapping on this button, you will go directly to the screens home menu. Holding this button for two seconds will prompt the screen to shutdown.
    • Square button: By only Tapping on this button, you will open the recent apps you used. Holding this button will open the quick access menu.

    3. Easy Connections: some easy to go connections are available on the bottom right corner, this include a USB-C and 2 USB-A 3.0 connectors.

    4. Pen Holders: the penholders will let you have an easy access to the screen's stylus.



    Extensive accessories for the individual solution and dispensing with unnecessary components

    With additional accessories, the units of the EVOLVE series can be further upgraded to a solution. These include various (height-adjustable) mounting solutions, OPS computers and the new easyview 4K camera, with integrated microphones and autoframing function, which is simply attached to the display’s bezel. The optional proximity sensor, which switchesthe units on when there is movement in the room and puts them back into sleep mode as soon as no movement is detected for a longer period of time, is an easy way to save additional energy. And the new NFC reader, available as an accessory, ensures that no one has unauthorised access to the display. Content from a smartphone, tablet or laptop can be easily streamed to the display via AirServer.

    Sustainability was also a concern for us when it came to the scope of delivery of the EVOLVE displays. Therefore, we deliver the displays exclusively with power cables and do not include other cables that often lie around unused or are disposed of. Instead, if required, individual cables forconnecting and operating the displays can now be purchased from us.


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