Open up new horizons:

    The new DISCOVER 2 Professional Displays

    The Discover 2 Professional Display opens up new horizons: as a consistent further development of the first generation, the devices of the Discover 2 series offer proven quality paired with new functions. Especially for the highly demanded and fast growing market of public information display screens, the devices offer some exciting possibilities.
    DISCOVER the possibilities of information presentation with the Legamaster Discover 2 Professional Display.


    Intuitive operation - new user interface

    The new Discover 2 displays offer a range of user-friendly functions in direct access via the start screen. With the Media Player you can access all media on the screen, add new media via QR code and even create a playlist as local digital signage content. The Input menu allows you to select different input sources, while Settings takes you directly to screen configuration customization. The All Apps menu allows you to access already installed apps and add new ones. The preset apps E-Share and LoopSign are already installed on the screen, but require separate licenses for activation - a trial version is available. You'll also find status indicators for active Wi-Fi, Ethernet and USB connections at the bottom right, which are only visible when activated.



    Narrow Casting & Digital Signage Function

    The Discover 2 Series devices are not only ideal presentation media in the office, conference room or classroom. They also offer "out-of-the-box" ease of transferring content from your mobile device to the screen and creating a playlist from it. You can also set up an automatic on/off feature, including autoplay and day scheduling, for viewing the content. In addition, we have pre-installed the LoopSign app on the devices, an app for digital signage solutions. This offers centralized content management for the administration and playout of content and is thus the ideal complement to the onboard streaming functionality. This also makes Discover 2 displays ideal digital signage solutions for public information display.



    Landscape and portrait support & automatic image rotation

    Also new and - in terms of use as a digital signage display - very useful, is the ability to use the Discover 2 displays in both landscape and portrait formats. Not only is this feature fully integrated, but the orientation of the display is also automatically detected and the image rotated accordingly, so no service menu intervention or special service configurations are required. Just like they know it from their smartphone or tablet. This option is activated by default in the settings menu, but can also be deactivated if required.

    Tiling function for even more presentation space

    The Discover 2 displays have an integrated tiling function that makes it easy and efficient to create video walls. The function works by daisy-chaining connections from one screen to the next, made possible by the included HDMI output. After connecting all the screens, you can simply use the settings menu to specify where each screen is installed - the screen will then adjust the image accordingly. With the Discover 2, you can create video walls up to 3x3 screens entirely without additional hardware, although it should be noted that only evenly spaced configurations are possible here, where the format of the video wall is again a 16:9 aspect ratio (four and nine displays). If you need different aspect ratios, this can be realized with the help of additional external hardware.