Our products for Flipcharts

Flipcharts have been used as aids for presentations, workshops and brainstorming sessions for many years. Over the years, various types of flipcharts have been developed: height-adjustable, with a foldable paper clamp, with a whiteboard surface, on castors, and so on. Legamaster has a flipchart to suit every need.

Things to consider when buying a flipchart
Let's suppose you want to buy a flipchart. Which one should you choose? We can help you narrow down the choice by following this step-by-step guide below.

The base of the flipchart

 Is your flipchart for a particular room?
A flipchart on a tripod is an ideal solution, especially in a corner of the room. If you want a flipchart that you can move around easily, to another meeting room for example, then consider using a mobile version.
 Do you have limited space for a flipchart?
If so, look for a mobile flipchart and see what little space these flipcharts require. This type of flipchart can also be moved to another meeting room with real ease.

The writing surface of your flipchart

  • How often do you want to use your flipchart?
    If the flipchart is for frequent use, we recommend you consider the following ergonomic features:
    • A height-adjustable version
    • A curved writing surface that gives your hand support when writing
  • Do you want to be able to use the flipchart as a whiteboard too?
    In particular, the flipcharts with an enamel steel writing surface are guaranteed to provide you with a high-quality whiteboard surface.
  • Do you want to be able to attach memos or other communications to the board using magnets?
    Look for the magnetic board surface option.

Extra features
Every flipchart has its own design with its own extra features:

  • Extending arms for suspending one or two sheets of paper next to the writing surface, enabling you to present twice or even three times as much information to your audience!
  • A screw-on or - better still - foldable paper clamp for attaching pads of paper in a matter of seconds.
  • Flexibility to suit all major standard pad formats.

Want to find out more about our flipcharts?
Use the filter links to select the right features for your flipchart. Want to find out more about our flipcharts or have a question? Please contact us.