Picture a board, a blank canvas in a meeting room, inviting collaboration and igniting ideas. ​

    In the heart of Lochem, at the hub of Legamaster, We think bigger. With local production aligning with SDG goals, we pioneer a better future.​

    Transform open spaces into playgrounds of the mind with the new reinvented Wall-Up and Essence whiteboard panels. They are lighter, sleeker, with efficient hanging and EU Ecolabel certification. We blend innovation and sustainability, making them one.​

    Each board narrates a story – your story. ​



    Meet our renewed ESSENCE and WALL-UP whiteboard
    The perfect combination of functionality, design and sustainability


    Our WALL-UP solution turns any big wall into an infinite collaboration canvas. Discover the possibilities in shapes and sizes. Turn each wall into a high-quality, writable and erasable whiteboard surface. By selecting the right size whiteboard panels, you can make your collaboration wall as big as you like.


    ESSSENCE whiteboards easily blend into your office interior. No matter if you work from home, have a creative session in a huddle room or work in a project team in a large boardroom, with an ESSENCE whiteboard you will always be able to easily visualize your ideas.

    We think BIGGER…


    EU Ecolabel

    EU Ecolabel certification

    Both our ESSENCE and Wall-Up whiteboard collections have been awarded with EU Ecolabel certification. The EU Ecolabel was introduced by an EU regulation in 1992 and it is the official European Union label for environmental excellence that is awarded to products meeting high environmental standards throughout their life-cycle: from raw material extraction, to production, distribution and disposal.

    EU Ecolabel

    FSC® certification

    Even if you cannot tell from the outside, our ESSENCE and Wall-Up whiteboards have a truly green heart. We build up with a strong core made of FSC®- wood to provides stability. The FSC® standard for forest certification include economic, ecological and social requirements which ensure the responsible use of forests. This guarantees that the forest-based materials within our certified products come from a sustainably managed forest and controlled sources.

    EU Ecolabel

    Aligned with SDG goals

    The United Nations Member States provides a blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future. At its heart are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

    By relocating the production of the ESSENCE and WALL-UP whiteboards, using more sustainable resources which carry certifications and making changes in the design and packaging of the product we are addressing to the goal numbers 8,9,12 and 15.


    Meet our cutting-edge CnC machine. Any shape, any size. We love to give you exactly what you need to support collaboration. Turning limitless creativity into tangible reality. Crafting your story, one board at a time.

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    The past few years we have seen big changes in where we work and how we work. Collaboration is a big topic when talking about the office environment. It is one of the main reason to go and work in the office instead of choosing an external location or home office. We also see many new working methods which lead to more collaboration and creativity.

    Blending in with your office design and being a perfect match with your way of working. We support you in creating the right environment for excellent teamwork. . Turning any (unused) space into the perfect collaboration areas.


    In corporate environments, home offices or at school, whiteboards encourage us to communicate, sketch out new ideas and make plans to turn them into reality. Helping us to visualize stories. Providing us a canvas to map out journeys to success.

    We offer you the perfect canvas to bring your story to life

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