Step into a world where functionality meets elegance with our contemporary MATTE Glassboards. Designed to inspire, our magnetic glassboards combine stylish design with an exceptional writing surface. The frosted matte finish ensures a smooth and precise writing experience, minimizing glare and fingerprints for a crisp and clean writing surface.

    Choose from a variety of sizes, colors, and corner finishes to match your unique style and transform your workspace into an elegant and modern environment. Enhance your setup with perfectly matched tone-on-tone accessories, creating a visually stunning and organized collaboration space that will leave a lasting impression.




    Writing Experience

    Enjoy a writing experience that’s smoother and more precise than ever before. With its realistic feel, the smooth matte surface gives a unique, paper-like writing experience that is perfect for both office and school use.

    Crafted from tempered magnetic glass, 4 mm thick, our MATTE Glassboards are easy to clean, making them an ideal choice for frequent use. The matte finish also reduces unwanted reflections and fingerprints, ensuring a consistently clean writing surface.

    Palette of
    Trendy Colors

    A palette of subtle sophistication: Warm Grey, Sage Green, and Chilly Lake. Following current furniture and design trends, these colors have been chosen to add contemporary flair to any workspace.

    Whether for a creative studio, home office or a stylish meeting room, these stunning colors will bring elegance to any workspace.

    Choice of
    Corner Finishes

    Our frameless MATTE Glassboards redefine sophistication, offering versatile options for every style. Select from two distinct corner finishes: Straight Corner and Rounded Corner, allowing you to customize your space with finesse.

    For a timeless and elegant appearance, opt for the classic straight-angle finish that radiates refinement. Alternatively, embrace a more modern look and feel with the rounded-angle finish, infusing a contemporary touch into your workspace.

    Various Sizes &
    Invisible Mounting

    Our magnetic MATTE Glassboards come in three sizes: 90x120 cm, 100x150 cm, and 100x200 cm.

    With invisible mounting, these glassboards seamlessly blend into any space. They can also be easily installed both vertically or horizontally for a perfect fit in your workspace.

    Discover all product variants

    Discover all product variants

    Chilly Lake

    Warm Grey

    Sage Green

    Matching Accessories

    With our perfectly color-matched accessories, you can create a visually stunning collaboration environment. By embracing the tone-to-tone approach, we align with the current trends in furniture and design, ensuring that our products are at the forefront of style.

    The complete range of marker holders, accessory holders, and glassboard magnets, ensure that you always have everything you need at your fingertips. These accessories not only provide convenience but also enhance the overall aesthetics of your workspace, creating a visually stunning and trendy collaborative setting.