• Widen your perspective

    The NEW PANORAMA Ultra-Wide Touchdisplay

    Our new PANORAMA touch display with its 21:9 aspect ratio brings the ultra-wide experience from the computer monitor on the desk in the office or at home to the conference room, meeting room or classroom.

    At the comparable height of an 86" display in the usual 16:9 format, the PANORAMA display offer an impressive 105" screen diagonal due to the additional width and thus about 30% more active surface for stunning presentations or creative brainstorming sessions.



    Fast touch system and brilliant 5k resolution

    The PANORAMA touch display convinces in use with its fast and ultra-precise touch system, which supports 20 simultaneous touch points and implements user inputs precisely and without delay. Together with the 5k resolution, which ensures particularly brilliant images, meetings, presentations and workshops become an experience.


    Dual source handling

    Given that the display surface has been widen in comparison to a normal 16:9 display, this provides a suitable platform for multiple displays of information, taking advantage of this you are now able to have two independent sources at the same time on the same panel.

    Combining sources is super easy so as an example you can use the OPS to host a call over your preferred Vconf App and your own laptop as an information display on the alternative source. 
    This opens up completely new possibilities for the design of conferences, meetings and workshops.


    Experience video conferencing
    in a new way

    Have the feeling of sitting in the same room with all participants in a video conference? The Ultra-Wide format makes this possible: use special modes of the video conferencing software to display the participants side by side on a common virtual background. So it looks like you're sitting in a room together.*
    In normal modes of your conferencing software the ultra-wide format also offers advantages. For example, it is possible to share content while continuing to see and interact with the participants.


    PANORAMA 5k OPS computer

    The ideal complement

    For the perfect 5k widescreen experience, you need sufficient computing power. Our 5k OPS computer has been specially designed to meet the requirements of the new PANORAMA display. The components are selected in such a way that sufficient computing power is available even for graphics-intensive applications or content - so that you do not have to make any compromises in terms of picture quality and response times.