Meet our ESSENCE whiteboard - the perfect combination of functionality and design. With its frameless design and stylish rounded corners, this high-quality whiteboard fits perfectly in modern (home) office environments.

    The elegant design and wide size range - from 60x90 cm up to 119x200 cm - makes the ESSENCE whiteboards easily blend into your office interior. No matter if you work from home, have a creative session in a huddle room or work in a project team in a large boardroom, with an ESSENCE whiteboard you will always be able to easily visualise your ideas and work at your best.




    Canvas of sustainability​

    Picture a board, a blank canvas in a meeting room, inviting collaboration and igniting ideas. ​

    In the heart of Lochem, at the hub of Legamaster, We think bigger. With local production aligning with SDG goals, we pioneer a better future.​

    Transform open spaces into playgrounds of the mind with the new reinvented ESSENCE whiteboards. They are lighter, sleeker, with efficient hanging and EU Ecolabel certification. We blend innovation and sustainability, making them one.​​

    Each board narrates a story – your story. ​


    Modern design

    The combination of the Legamaster brand label with the frameless design and rounded corners make the ESSENCE whiteboard unique in its kind.
    The ingenious mounting system creates a modern appearance in the room and makes the whiteboard look like it's floating on the wall.

    ESSENCE whiteboard
    Product info

    • Frameless whiteboard that meet the highest standards of quality and sustainability.
    • The enamel steel surface is magnetic, easy to write on and suitable for intensive use.
    • Contemporary rounded-angle finish
    • Available from stock: 60x90 cm up to 119x200 cm

    Meet our cutting-edge CnC machine

    Any shape, any size. We love to give you exactly what you need to support collaboration. Turning limitless creativity into tangible reality. Crafting your story, one board at a time.

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