Working with Legamaster in the healthcare industry

Patient consultations, team meetings, refresher training and care planning: besides providing care, hospitals and care facilities are also home to plenty of meetings. Staff planning is another important item on the agenda. Legamaster helps hospitals and care facilities to manage the provision of care effectively by offering a wide range of (interactive) presentation and workshop aids. These include whiteboards, flipcharts and planning boards, as well as information boards and e-Screens for presenting information clearly to patients and visitors.

e-Screens: from patient consultations to refresher training

From patient consultations to refresher training, the e-Screen from Legamaster is the ideal multifunctional aid for hospitals and care facilities. Would you like to be able to display x-rays in digital format or view anatomical 3D models on a touchscreen? With its interactive presentation aids, Legamaster helps to ensure that work is carried out efficiently within the care sector.

Careful and realistic planning

In many cases, good planning has a direct influence on the quality of care provided. Legamaster offers an extensive choice of planning boards ranging from activity planners to week and month planners. You can customise your planning board to match the way you work within your care teams.

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