Working with Legamaster in an educational environment

Teaching is an art in itself. It's the art of keeping pupils motivated during lessons, something that’s vital when it comes to holding pupils’ attention. That's why Legamaster offers traditional whiteboards, pinboards or flipcharts as well as a wide range of interactive products to help you, the teacher, both capture and hold your pupils’ attention. 

Robust and durable products for use on a daily basis

All our products, from whiteboards to flipcharts and from e-Board Touch to e-Screens, are high-quality. Because our products are developed in-house, we set extremely high quality standards but without compromising on durability. As a result, Legamaster products are ideal for daily use in any educational establishment, from primary schools to universities.

Digital versus traditional

Will digital technology take over from traditional teaching aids? It may well do in the longer term. We have noticed that what teachers and lecturers value most about interactive products is their versatility and dynamic qualities. Yet, for some forms of education, it is still useful to be able to continue working with a whiteboard too. Our digital e-Board Touch, for example, is a product that can also be used as a conventional whiteboard. It's the flexibility of our products that is the greatest benefit for education.

Want to find out more about our solutions for use in education?

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