Government: working with Legamaster


When it comes to management and decision-making, meetings, presentations and brainstorming sessions play an important role for local, regional and national government bodies. Legamaster products offer the perfect solution at all levels of government.

Presenting using an e-Screen or e-Board


Presenting to the public is an important part, not just of policy meetings, but also residents’ meetings, council meetings, government consultations and the like. Our e-Screens and e-Boards can provide added value at meetings where, say, licensing applications and construction drawings are being scrutinized, or where municipal plans are being presented to the public. Zooming in on details or highlighting specific items is often a good way of putting your point across that little bit more convincingly. Since these products are also suitable for use with our rail systems, they can provide a multifunctional solution for presentations, meetings and brainstorming sessions.

Planning and informing


Throughout the year, government bodies are faced with a variety of tasks and projects that need to be scheduled at a certain time. Not only does Legamaster offer various week, month and year planners, we also have a selection of accessories so you can customize them. Legamaster’s range also includes a wide choice of showcases and information boards for conveying information to target groups (in the lobby of a town hall, for example).

Want to find out more about our solutions for the government?


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