UBoardMate CC software license for Windows

  • Universal whiteboard software
  • Integrated education tools
  • Compatible with all Legamaster touch monitors
  • Easy to operate
  • Multiple backgrounds integrated
  • Compatible with Windows 7 SP1 and above


  • UBoardMate CC has a simple and friendly interface and provides smooth and realistic writing on a touchscreen
  • It has built-in rich resources and gadgets, which provide all the functional modules and teacher-student interaction tools needed to facilitate a wide variety of teaching dynamic
  • Teachers and educators can combine games and learning methods to keep the attention of students
  • UBoardMate CC has a infinity whiteboard that allows users to take notes, brainstorm and educate with amazing built-in tools like Math, chemistry, timers, voting etc. Besides that, the user can easily insert a video or image via a browser or also screenshot their content within the application
  • It is compatible with mainstream office documents such as PowerPoint slideshows and PDF’s, this enables the teacher to annotate and collaborate with existing content and presentations
Article number7-197071
Quantity1 pcs
Packing dimensions210 x 292 x 0.1 mm
Weight (gross/net)5 g / 5 g

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