• Solutions for small meeting rooms

    While a lot of additional small meeting rooms and so-called huddle rooms where created before the pandemic for brainstorm and project meetings, these spaces will be used differently moving forward. The main reason is that they are simply too small for a meeting with a larger group of people.

    While 'huddling' was popular in the past, social distancing will be an important topic in any work setting moving forward. However, the small meeting rooms in the office are far from useless as they can perfectly be used for small groups or 1:1 sessions and as virtual boxes to have a video conference with a high sound and image quality.

    • Social distancing: (Re-)Design the space with users in mind
    • Activity-based working: Provide flexible collaboration tools
    • Remote meetings: Take video conferencing to next level

    Large meeting rooms Open meeting spaces

    Touchscreens & professional displays

    Always a good connection

    Legamaster's portfolio for small meeting rooms enables you to equip your huddle spaces with high quality video conferencing and content sharing solutions that are interoperable and secure. The 55, 65 and 75 inch screens designed for smaller meeting rooms provide the same robust features you have come to expect from professional video conferencing and collaboration solutions in the boardroom. By equipping a small meeting room with a high-quality screen, you can also use it as an in-house studio for engaging webinars or remote sales presentations.

    • ETX Plus touchscreens for lively, interactive sessions
    • Discover displays for razor-sharp digital presentations
    • Wireless content sharing from personal devices with AirServer


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    Restyle your work

    Being able to take notes, make a quick sketch or collect new ideas with the use of a whiteboard helps to clarify and move the discussion forward. For this, an ESSENCE whiteboard is a functional and elegant whiteboard that easily blends into your office interior. Another popular option for small meeting rooms is BOARD-UP, which allows you to create a unique collaboration wall with a mix of whiteboards, custom-printed whiteboards and acoustic pinboards.

    • ESSENCE: Modern, frameless design with rounded corners
    • BOARD-UP: Mix & match different types and sizes
    • Combine with magnetic WOODEN accessories


    Discover ESSENCE Discover BOARD-UP Discover WOODEN

    Mobile solutions

    On-demand visualisation tools

    Having one or more mobile flipcharts, whiteboards, pinboards or glassboards in or near your small meeting rooms makes it possible to pull them in whenever you need one. Do you want to take notes or make a quick sketch during your meeting or video conference? Simply pull in a mobile solution and start to take notes or make a quick sketch during your meeting.

    • PREMIUM PLUS range: Double-sided whiteboards, pinboards and divider boards
    • Flipcharts: One of the most flexible tools in meeting rooms
    • Mobile Glassboards: Stylish, double-sided and magnetic glassboards


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    Always a whiteboard or flipchart at hand

    The static Magic-Chart whiteboard and flipchart foils simply stick to any flat surface and can easily be (re-)moved when you are done. That makes it possible to prepare one or more Magic-Charts at your home office, bring them to your meeting and take the results with you after your collaborative session.

    Magic-Charts stick to any door, wall or window by means of a static charge and are available in different types and sizes (from 10x20 cm up to 90x120 cm), which can also be perfectly combined with each other.


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