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    Collaborate wherever you want

    With mobile whiteboards, pinboards, flipcharts or glassboards, you are fully flexible in where you want to have your meeting. Do you want to have a spontaneous meeting near your desk, a stand-up meeting near the coffee machine or a workshop in a meeting room?

    Simply pull in one or more mobile boards and start to document the creative process, structure topics and activate participants during group work, workshops, scrum sessions or project meetings. The different types of mobile boards and matching accessories ensure clear communication and create an engaging collaboration environment for all participants.

    PREMIUM PLUS range

    Optimum flexibility

    To make it easy to organize workshops or brainstorm sessions in different locations and for different group sizes, the PREMIUM PLUS whiteboards, workshop boards and transparent divider boards are designed for fast set-up and easy handling. The boards can be mounted in different heights and in a vertical or horizontal orientation.

    Several boards can easily be placed next to each other in a straight line, circle or angled to create the right workspace for your group work. The Premium Plus boards are available with different working surfaces:


    Mobile flipcharts

    Easily collect ideas

    Flipcharts are one of the most flexible tools in meeting rooms to strengthen your presentation, visualize difficult subjects and note down action points. Simply pick up a marker during the meeting and visualise on a flipchart paper pad or directly on the whiteboard surface. It is also easy to prepare a set of pages in advance and use artwork or drawings to add a sense of informality to a meeting. 

    Another key advantage of flipcharts is their use as a tool in workshops or trainings to have a fluid interaction with all participants. They are an ideal tool to capture and post on-the-spot lists such as attendees' expectations or feedback from brainstorming activities.


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    Mobile glassboards

    Experience the smoothness of glass

    The Mobile glassboard is an elegant appearance for the office with a functional and innovative design. The easy-to-clean, smooth glass surface can be used on both sides for gathering ideas, brainstorming with a team or making a (project) planning.

    The Mobile glassboards are available in four different colours (black, white, grey and blue) to perfectly match different office interiors. For an all-round experience, Legamaster also offers users a wide range of practical, high-quality accessories that are especially designed for the use on glass surfaces.


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    Get the most out of your tools

    As the mobile solutions are likely to be moved around a lot in the office, it is essential to always have sufficient accessories to be able to work with them. For this, Legamaster offers a wide range accessories and accessory holders for whiteboards, pinboards, flipcharts and glassboards. By using the right markers and cleaners, you can also keep your solution in the best shape and extend its lifetime.

    Do you already know our latest addition to our portfolio - the stylish and sustainable WOODEN accessories? This range of FSCĀ®-certified accessories for whiteboards and glassboards include wooden magnets, push pins, marker holders, accessory holders, a whiteboard eraser and paper hooks.


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