• Let’s connect again! All-in-one screen mirroring device

    The new Legamaster AirServer Connect 2 allows you to present, to any screen, in any room, from any device! Giving you the most extensive screen sharing options without the need to install apps or even give users access to your wifi-network.

    You can simply share the content from your mobile or desktop device to a screen, fast and easy, in high quality resolution. Having compatibility with iOS, Chrome OS, Android and Windows, everyone can share their ideas in an instant and simultaneously to the same screen. Connecting new devices is extremely easy, which makes it the ideal solution for any meeting room or classroom.


    It’s easy to use for everyone

    You want to have a wireless screen sharing solution that is easy to use for everyone. Whether it's content sharing in a classroom or brainstorming in a marketing firm. With the integrated guest network, everyone should be able to connect his or her device quick & easy. The AirServer Connect 2 is an all-round universal solution that fits all devices from Mac, IOS, Windows to Android because of the support of AirPlay, Miracast and Google Cast protocols.


    • A proven solution that keeps your networks safe
    • New Device Management integration
    • Administrators can set the rights for users casting or streaming

    Inspire & Engage

    Start the day with a digital welcome in the office or in the educational facility. With personal customized messaging on your screens, you can greet students, guest speakers or visiting parents and clients.


    Get the ultimate performance on your screen with Legamaster AirServer Connect 2.

    It’s fully optimized for streaming in stunning 4K UHD experience in 60 FPS. It achieves gaming quality images without breaking a sweat, and it can do this without overheating.


    Focus on what really matters

    AirServer Connect allows users to share and present without boundaries. Touchback over miracast allows presenters to control their presentations from a Legamaster touchscreen. Gone are the days of sprinting back and forth to flip to the next page of your PowerPoint.


    Even direct annotation over slides and other documents is possible. Full control over their devices gives presenters the freedom to shine.


    In the office and in the classroom

    • Get more done in less time
    • Stream with 9 different devices simultaneously


    This allows you and your students or colleagues to share content within seconds during a lesson, brainstorm session or finance meeting. As a teacher, you can monitor what your students are working on and encourage collaboration.  


    Improve your IT efficiency

    With the easy new Cloud Management portal, your IT department can control, see and connect to all operating AirServer Connect 2 devices in your business or school environment.


    And you don’t need to worry about keeping it up to date, because AirServer Connect 2 provides the option to update automatically or at your demand, whichever you prefer! Administrators can set the rights for users casting or streaming, allowing for a closed off system or enabling internet+LAN access for AirServer Connect 2 users.  

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