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    All around us, we see a digital transformation in progress, both in schools and offices. Using large format screens with outstanding ultra-HD resolutions has proven a massive step-up from traditional projectors and makes visualizing your message more captivating than ever.


    This digital transformation can be quite challenging however. To enable educational institutions and corporate businesses to meet the requirements of today, Legamaster offers a full portfolio of display solutions optimized for any digital environment. We give you the tools you need for visual communication & collaboration and enable you to get your message across!

    Discover Professional Display

    Designed for the modern working environment

    The class- and meeting room of today, both physically and virtually, require the latest display technology to deliver an optimized experience. Do you want to give interesting lessons with dynamic content on a modern display or maybe give an outstanding presentation at a conference? The Discover display will deliver an eye-catching visual experience with 4K resolution, available in sizes from 65“inch going up to a massive 98” inch perfect for a lecture hall or a conference room.

    Experience brilliant simplicity

    Discover your way of presenting

    You are in the search of a display that can be mounted at a fixed position within your office or educational facility? Discover is the one that you’re looking for! With its simple set-up the Discover is easy to use for everyone. Besides that, you can find onboard a web-browser, media player and office document player that offer basic functionality without any connected devices needed.

    • Super fast
    • Full range availability 65”, 75”, 86” and 98”
    • 18/7 durability
    • 50.000 hour lifespan
    • Brightness up to 500 cd/ms


    Technical details

    Sizes: 65”/75”/85”/98”

    4K UHD / 60 FPS

    18/7 lifecycle spec

    Landscape orientation



    400 cd/m2 - 65 inch

    450 cd/m2 - 75 & 86 inch

    500 cd/m2 - 98 inch

    Contrast: 1200:1 (static)

    Android 8 smart-board

    AirServer Connect

    Present wireless within a second

    Sharing your screen can be difficult if you don’t have the right tools for it. AirServer Connect will enable you to wireless connect your device's content to your Discover display. It allows you to present, to any screen, in any room from any device. With the integrated guest network everyone should be able to connect his or her device quick & easy. Because of the support of AirPlay, Miracast and Google Cast protocols, the AirServer Connect 2 is an all-round universal solution that fit all devices from Mac, IOS, Windows to Android.

    Upgrade with more flexibility

    Integrate the power of Windows 10

    Windows 10 is designed in such a way that you can optimally use your Discover display. Add your favourite video conference applications to your OPS PC module  or use it to present your office documents like PowerPoint slides or Excel files. Make it more user-friendly with a dongle, which allows you to use a keyboard and mouse for easy navigation.

    Video conference solution

    Developed for remote team meetings and lessons

    With the integration of an OPS PC module and a video conferencing camera you get a full professional presentation solution. Organize collaborative sessions with remote team members or let a teacher give their lessons in a hybrid way. And experience high quality and smooth video calls via Teams or Zoom.

    Create the perfect workspace

    Every meeting-room, classroom or boardroom is unique. Complete your Discover professional display solution with our modern mounting stands and choose between our wide range of accessories.

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