With BOARD-UP, you have the freedom to combine different boards and craft exceptional patterns on your walls. The possibilities are endless as you arrange the boards based on available space and your specific needs.​ Turn each wall into a writable and magnetic whiteboard surface. Combine with the Space-Up acoustic pinboards to create a positive influence on the concentration, productivity and well-being in your room.​

    ​Unleash your creativity and bring your space to life with unique arrangements that align with your style and needs.



    Create your personal space at the office or at home

    How can your workplace support your own way of working and fit in with your own style at the same time? Especially when talking about your home office. Home is first and foremost the place where you live, but also the place where you need to be productive when working remotely.​

    With BOARD-UP, we offer a modular solution that supports the way you want to work while fitting in with the rest of your home. The BOARD-UP solution can flexibly be adapted to your needs and your available space.​

    • Modern, frameless design​

    • Whiteboards & acoustic pinboards​

    • Easy to mount and rearrange​

    • Mix & match different types and sizes​


    BOARD-UP whiteboard tiles
    Product info

    • Frameless whiteboard with lacquered steel board surface.
    • Made of material from well managed, FSC® -certified forests and other controlled sources (FSC C158462).
    • Easily combine multiple boards to create one large writing surface.
    • Available from stock: 75x50cm | 75x75cm | 75x100cm.
    • Can be mounted horizontally or vertically.
    BOARD-UP home

    Upgrade your collaboration wall with acoustic powers!

    BOARD-UP home office
    BOARD-UP Office
    BOARD-UP acoustic home

    BOARD-UP acoustic pinning tiles
    Product info

    • Frameless, noise cancelling pinboards.
    • Easily combine multiple boards into one large pinning surface.
    • 100% recyclable sound absorbing PET core and finished with a high-quality, fire-retardant fabric
    • Available from stock: 75x50cm | 75x75cm | 75x100cm. Two Colors: soft beige and quite grey.
    • Can be mounted horizontally or vertically.


    Special colours that fit in every office

    The acoustic pinboards have two standard colours, quiet grey and soft beige. There are also a number of special colours available. An endless choice of colours that fit in every office. For these colours, there is another price and delivery time. For the possibilities or questions, please contact your dealer.

    601 Soft beige614 Calm blue
    602 Cotton beige615 Denim blue
    603 Sandy beige616 Midnight blue
    604 Vintage brown617 Pearl grey
    605 Honey brown618 Quiet grey
    606 Oak brown619 River grey
    607 Almond brown 620 Silent grey
    608 Iron grey621 Warm grey
    609 Pure brown622 Rustic grey
    610 Radiant yellow623 Autumn brown
    611 Blazing red624 Navy blue
    612 Sparkling purple625 Lime green

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