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    Experience the flexibility

    With the introduction of the ETX-20 series, Legamaster brings its most versatile and user-friendly screen to the market. The ETX-20 series offers you a host of options to adjust the screen to your liking. Combined with its many accessories, the ETX-20 series is capable to adapt to every situation in every environment. 



    Screen mirroring

    Do you want to mirror your laptop or smartphone to the screen? By using the pre-programmed Airserver software, the ETX-serie offers the most state-of-the-art screen mirroring technology available on the market. 

    You can simply share the content from your mobile or desktop device to a screen, fast and easy, in high quality resolution. Having compatibility with iOS, Chrome OS, Android and Windows everyone can share their ideas in an instant. Connecting new devices is extremely easy, which makes it the ideal solution for any meeting room or classroom.


    One-button operation

    The ETX screens only feature one button, prominently located on the front bezel, that allows user to control all the features the ETX has to offer. With that single button, users can switch the screen on and off and call up the menus.

    Every feature and setting the ETX has to offer can be controlled from an on-screen menu that is both easy to navigate and displayed in 4K UHD quality. The intuitive interface looks and acts familiar to anyone that has ever used a smartphone.


    Razor-sharp and high-quality images

    The ETX range offers razor-sharp, high-quality images in Ultra-HD. The built-in brightness sensor, eco-settings and auto sleep settings significantly reduce the energy consumption.

    With its thin bezels and slim appearance, the new screens look atrractive in every situation while the modern design also ensures a very low weight. 


    The best touch experience available

    Equipped with a next generation high-precision infrared touch system, the ETX offers 32 touch-points and a fast-as-lightning touch experience. Combined with the anti-glare glass finish and 4K UHD resolution, writing and drawing on a touch monitor has never been faster or more accurate.


    Let’s make presenting more fun!

    Do you want to upgrade your educational presentations to a higher level? Meet UBoardMate CC, a simple and user-friendly presenting software for Legamaster touchscreens. The software offers an intuitive interface and provides smooth, realistic writing. It has built-in rich resources and gadgets, which provide all the functional modules and teacher-student interaction modules needed in in the classroom. Get the chance to keep students interest every minute of your presentation

    • Perfectly compatible with mainstream office documents such as Powerpoint or PDF’s
    • Easily insert any video or image via integrated browser or file manager
    • Prepare presentations with interactive and practical functions such as music notes, maths and grammar tools
    • Record your presentation for afterwards sharing
    • Encourage student collaboration within the digital classroom environment

    With the purchase of one of our ETX platforms, you receive a UBoardMate CC licence worth 50.00 euros free of charge.


    Customize your teaching tools

    Custom-printed side panels are a fun and practical addition for your ETX touchscreen. By printing your school or university logo, class rules or most-used templates on the side panels, you can give your classrooms or lecture halls a personal touch and create a great learning experience. The four extra whiteboard surfaces also allow you to prepare your lessons upfront or easily pick up a marker and start drawing, sketching or writing during your lesson.

    The custom-printed side panels are compatible with the 75 inch and 86 inch touchscreens of the ETX-20 series. You can either choose one of the ready-to-use designs or completely customize the design of each of the side panels to suit your needs.


    See more about Custom Printed Whiteboards



    Making remote device management tasks easier than ever before.

    Manage your touchscreens with Viso MDM and stay on top of your device fleet, wherever your employees and customers are or whatever the use case may be. Our touchscreens are now compatible for Viso MDM. Manage, maintain, configure, track and lock your available ETX touchscreens – through a single interface, making sure they are ready and optimized for their use. You can get a Viso MDM license with discount via Legamaster. Order your license via our Legamaster Radix portal, click here.

    Optical bonding

    Optical bonding for the PLUS edition

    The PLUS editions of the ETX screens even step-up the touch experience as it comes with optically bonded panels. These screens eliminate any parallax-effects, reduce reflections and make sure your finger or stylus interacts exactly where you want it to. It’s like writing on the most versatile piece of paper you have ever seen.   

    mounting & accessories

    Full line of mounting solutions and accessories

    The ETX series offers a full line of (electrical height-adjustable) mounting solutions and accessories. For schools and universities, Legamaster offers a range of (whiteboard) sidepanels and pen-trays. Equipping a meeting room? Think about the ease of having a proximity sensor automatically switching the screen on, or having a fixed (camera+microphone array) video-conferencing solution that is ready to go whenever you want it to. No more hassle with third-party hardware, cables and other connections, just a solution that supports every user the way they want to.




    Optimal security and control


    Administrators have the possibilty to use various security tools to accomodate various security demands. Such as:


    restrict options for end users

    secure apps with a pin code

    disable and lock wifi and bluetooth

    prevent app installation and uninstallation

    safe-mode to prevent any changes in the system

    disabling the Android OS completely


    Versatile and functional

    The ETX-20 series is incredibly versatile due to the embedded Android environment, with access to millions of applications through the embedded app store. The admin has full control here, for example he has the ability to disable Android.
    Of course this ETX also offers you the possibility to use a Legamaster OPS computer or connect an external computer.

    As a result, users and administrators can create the platform that best suits their wishes.

    Highlights ETX

    Why choose the ETX?

    • Integrated AirServer software
    • Android onboard
    • Integrated Legamaster appstore
    • Optical bonding (PLUS edition)
    • Latest generation infrared technology
    • 32 touch points
    • Ultra HD resolution
    • Anti-glare glass
    • Slim appearance, thin bezels

    Get the most out of your ETX with Sessions

    Get the most out of your Legamaster ETX with Sessions - a secure and user-friendly end-to-end software solution that covers all core meeting phases: plan, collaborate and recap.

    Sessions is designed to fit the needs of both the user and the organisation as it enables effective, interactive meetings in a user-friendly and secure environment. Due to the intuitive design, Sessions enables everyone - from first-time users to experienced pro’s - to turn any meeting into an effective session. Got interested?


    Learn more about Sessions


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