• Custom-printed solutions
    Design your own whiteboard

    Give your workspace a personal touch with high-quality custom-printed whiteboards. We can print any design you want - from a simple logo design to a high-resolution image that covers one or more whiteboards. Make your whiteboards blend in with your interior, use them to streamline your processes or to get your message across.

    All our custom-printed whiteboards have the same writability and dry-wipeability as our non-printed whiteboards. They are also magnetic and come complete with mounting materials. Need some inspiration? Take a look at the examples below and our ready-to-use designs.

    Custom-printed whiteboards

    100% customisable design

    Why not design a unique whiteboard for your home office? Or make the collaboration at your office or school even more fun and effective with a custom-printed whiteboard. You can use them for a lot of different purposes: A clear overview of tasks, the holiday planning, the latest sales progress or choose a beautiful photo or positive quote to inspire the people around you.

    Besides designing your own workspace with the custom-printed whiteboards, you can also use them as a giveaway. Simply print your logo, product or message on the whiteboard and send it to your customers. You can choose between four different whiteboard types.

    • BOARD-UP: wall-mounted frameless whiteboards where the design can go around the edges
    • ACCENTS: wall-mounted frameless whiteboards with four corner caps where the design can go around the edges
    • PREMIUM: wall-mounted whiteboard with aluminium frame
    • PROFESSIONAL revolving: double-sided mobile whiteboard with aluminium frame

    Kanban, scrum & lean

    Ready-to-use designs

    Are you looking for a fishbone diagram, a Kanban board, a Business Model Canvas or a planning table? Then save time and choose one of our ready-to-use designs for the PREMIUM whiteboards and PROFESSIONAL revolving whiteboards. You can simply add your company logo or order your favourite design as it is in the size of your choice.

    The ready-to-use designs are available for the following whiteboards:

    • PREMIUM: Available in 90x120 cm | 100x150 cm | 100x200 cm | 120x180 cm
    • PROFESSIONAL revolving: Available in 100x150 cm | 100x200 cm

    Custom-printed side panels

    Customize your teaching tools

    Custom-printed side panels are a fun and practical addition for your ETX touchscreen. By printing your school or university logo, class rules or most-used templates on the side panels, you can give your classrooms or lecture halls a personal touch and create a great learning experience. The four extra whiteboard surfaces also allow you to prepare your lessons upfront or easily pick up a marker and start drawing, sketching or writing during your lesson.

    The custom-printed side panels are compatible with the 75 inch and 86 inch touchscreens of the ETX-20 series. You can completely customize the design of each of the side panels to suit your needs.

    All features in one overview

    Custom-printed whiteboards

    Frameframeless (print can go around edges)frameless (print can go around egdes)aluminium framewhite aluminium framealuminium frame
    Surface materiallacquered steellacquered steellacquered steel1 side lacquered steel, 1 side enamellacquered steel
    Sizes (cm)75x50 | 75x75 | 75x10030x40 | 40x60 | 60x90 | 90x120any size between 30x45 and 120x180/100x20090x120 | 100x150 | 100x20075": 855x1003mm
    86": 977x1140mm
    Mountingwall-mountedwall-mountedwall-mountedmobileon 75” / 86” ETX touchscreen
    Artwork guidelinesdownloaddownloaddownloaddownloaddownload
    Indesign templatesdownloaddownloaddownloaddownloaddownload

    5 simple steps

    How does it work?

    Create your own designChoose a ready-to-use design
    1. Create your design based on our Artwork guidelines and the Indesign templates.

    1. Select your favourite design, whiteboard type, size and quantity and decide if you want to add your company logo.

    2. Contact your local Legamaster dealer. Don't know where to go? See our Contact page.2. Contact your local Legamaster dealer. Don't know where to go? See our Contact page.
    3. Send your final design as PDF to your dealer and you receive a quotation, print proof and the delivery time in return.3. You receive a quotation, print proof (in case you want to add your logo) and the delivery time in return.
    4. After your approval, we will produce the handmade whiteboards for you.4. After your approval, we will produce the handmade whiteboards for you.
    5. We deliver your custom-printed whiteboard(s).5. We deliver your custom-printed whiteboard(s).

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