• Solutions for large meeting rooms

    In the new working reality, one of the main reasons to come to the office will be the shared wish for regular face-to-face meetings with a group to align and reconnect. These meetings will very often take place in larger-sized meeting rooms or boardrooms where there is enough personal space.

    To optimally support the planned activities and facilitate collaboration, these meeting spaces of course need to have the right equipment for different users and different activities that enable:

    • Social distancing: Provide enough (visualisation) space
    • Activity-based working: Realise the best conditions for each activity
    • Hybrid meetings: Create equality between those in the room and those calling from elsewhere

    Small meeting rooms Open meeting spaces

    Interactive touchscreens

    Perfect connectivity with everyone

    Interactive touchscreens such as the Supreme and the ETX Plus are extremely versatile collaboration tools, which can be used for several different activities. They can be used for engaging presentations, as a large digital whiteboard when working on projects and of course for high-quality video conferencing. This is especially important as there might be remote participants in almost any meeting moving forward.

    • Give dynamic and engaging presentations
    • Involve everyone in the meeting, also remote participants
    • Wireless content sharing from personal devices with AirServer


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    Whiteboards & pinboards

    Space to visualise ideas

    Being able to take notes, make a quick sketch or collect new ideas with the use of a whiteboard can be really valuable during meetings. For this, a large-size, frameless ESSENCE whiteboard is a functional and stylish solution. With the SPACE-UP collection, you can easily create XL collaboration surfaces with whiteboards, acoustic pinboards or a combination of both. This makes it possible for participants to visualise their ideas at a (safe) distance from each other while the acoustic pinboards also improve the acoustics in the room due to their sound-absorbing PET-core.

    • Create XL collaboration surfaces with a modern, frameless design
    • Mix & match different types and sizes
    • Combine with magnetic WOODEN accessories


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    Mobile solutions

    Stay flexible in every meeting

    Having one or more mobile flipcharts, whiteboards, pinboards or glassboards in or near your large meeting rooms makes it possible to pull them in whenever you need them. Do you want to take notes or make a quick sketch during your presentation or do you want to break the group into smaller groups during a brainstorm?

    Simply pull in one or more mobile solutions and start to document the creative process, structure topics and activate participants during group work, workshops, scrum sessions or project meetings. 


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    Personal whiteboards for everyone

    The static Magic-Chart foils simply stick to any flat surface and can easily be (re-)moved when you are done. That makes it possible for everyone to visualise their ideas at a safe distance from each other and take their notes with them after the meeting.

    Magic-Charts stick to any door, wall or window by means of a static charge and are available in different types and sizes (from 10x20 cm up to 90x120 cm), which can also be perfectly combined with each other.


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