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In the spotlight: Whiteboards

Whiteboards are regularly used by a lot of professionals to connect with colleagues, explore ideas and create overviews. But just like with other products that we use every day, we typically never wonder how they are made, where they come from and what fun things you can do with them. Here is a quick overview about our whiteboards that we already proudly produce for more than 60 years.

1. Made in Europe

For us, it is a conscious choice to produce our whiteboards close to home. This enables us to always closely monitor the quality. It also ensures short lead times for (custom) orders. We produce 75% of our whiteboards directly at our headquarters in Lochem (Netherlands). The other 25% are manufactured at other production locations in Europe.

2. Green at heart

Even if you cannot tell from the outside, our whiteboards have a truly green heart. We build up our whiteboards with a strong core made out of FSC- or PEFC-certified wood or (honeycomb) board from sustainable sources. This core provides stability for the magnetic top layer, which is the actual writing surface. The stability on the inside ensures that you always have a sturdy, flat and smooth whiteboard.

3. For every wall

Every wall is different. That’s why we offer many different whiteboards with different characteristics and in many different shapes and sizes. You can cover your entire wall from ground to ceiling or just a small part of it. With the frameless BOARD-UP and WALL-UP whiteboards, you can even create infinite whiteboard walls, because the whiteboards can be placed directly next to each other and around corners. And did you know that you can also use a flexible whiteboard foil like WRAP-UP to turn any wall or table into a whiteboard? That offers whole new possibilities to create collaboration spaces in your office buildings - inside and outside the meeting rooms.

4. Your own design

Did you know that you can print your own design on many of our whiteboards? An image, logo or template – you name it! You can print your design on one whiteboard or even combine several whiteboards to make your office spaces more inviting and spread your brand image. Or print one of your frequently used templates to make your work life easier. Besides the fact that you can use the custom-printed whiteboards to design your workspace, you can of course also use them as a gift for your team or your customers.

5. Up for a challenge

Our whiteboards are up for a challenge. They can even perform day after day in the toughest conditions, year after year. For example, if you have a lot of dust or a high humidity in your production plant. This is no problem for our whiteboards with an enamel steel top layer. They are extremely strong, can easily be cleaned and are even bacteria resistant. Although the smooth and nonporous surfaces does not actually kill the bacteria, they do inhibit its growth and spread.

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