24 November 2020   865   5 min

Your own design on a whiteboard? Yes we can!

Did you know that many of our whiteboards are also printable? We can print any design you want - from a simple logo design to a high-resolution image that covers one or more whiteboards. Spread your brand by printing your logo or print one of your frequently used templates to make your work life easier. Besides the fact that you can use the custom-printed whiteboards to design your workspace, you can of course also use them as a gift.

Custom-printed whiteboards as a gift

Nothing is more enjoyable than receiving an original, personalized gift, right? Design the whiteboard with a nice photo, image or an inspiring quote. The possibilities are endless! We offer a wide range of modern printable whiteboards, from small custom-printed whiteboards that you can place on your desk or cupboard to large ones that you can easily mount on the wall.

Details & available sizes

Need some inspiration? Here are a few examples:

Inspirational quotes

For one of our customers, we produced this beautiful custom-printed whiteboard with an inspirational quote. The customer ordered this whiteboard as an original farewell gift for one of her employees, who was going to switch jobs. You can of course also surprise your co-workers during onboarding with an original ‘welcome to the club’ design or print your most-used templates and surprise your (remote) team members.

Favorite artists

Why not use the whiteboard as a blank canvas to print a large high-resolution image? The lucky receiver of this whiteboard is a big fan of the artist in the picture. Are you looking for an original way to print your own pictures or do you know anyone who is crazy about a certain artist, car or movie star?

Special themes

It is a widespread phenomenon to give meeting rooms a fancy name instead of a standard name or number code. Here, custom-printed whiteboards can be a great tool to really bring the theme to life, make the whiteboards blend in with your office design and facilitate collaboration in the meeting room.

All our custom-printed whiteboards have the same writability and dry-wipeability as our non-printed whiteboards. They are also magnetic and come complete with mounting materials.

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