• Turn your meetings
    into effective Sessions

    Get the most out of your Legamaster e-Screen with Sessions - a secure and user-friendly end-to-end software solution that covers all core meeting phases: plan, collaborate and recap.

    Sessions is designed to fit the needs of both the user and the organisation as it enables effective, interactive meetings in a user-friendly and secure environment. Due to the intuitive design, Sessions enables everyone - from first-time users to experienced pro’s - to turn any meeting into an effective session.

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    Benefits for Users

    • Easily plan & start meetings
    • Quick access to apps, files & an interactive whiteboard
    • Immediately share the recap with all participants

    Benefits for Organisations

    • Optimize your meeting room occupancy rate
    • Lower the barrier to use digital tools
    • Control the setup & protect your data

    Using Sessions

    Plan your Sessions

    The Sessions software is designed to build upon the way users are already working. It creates a unique collaboration experience by offering the tools needed to have an effective meeting or brainstorm.

    That starts with planning the meeting, which can easily be done from your standard calendar tool (e.g. Outlook or Gmail) without the need for plugins or third party apps. Upon entering a meeting room, you can simply click on the “Join” button on the e-Screen to start your session.

    Collaborate during your Sessions

    During your meeting, you have all company-wide apps and an interactive whiteboard at hand where you can brainstorm, sketch and add media of any type (images, videos, PDFs or MS Office documents). You can also show content from your own smartphone, tablet or laptop on the e-Screen or allow for real-time contributions from your team.

    Connecting other devices is made simple, reliable and intuitive. Easily mirror your laptop or personal device to the e-Screen by using AirServer technology - the fastest and most well-known technology for casting and mirroring on the market.


    Recap after your Sessions

    When you are done, a comprehensive recap can be securely saved, stored or shared. All participants get all notes, sketches and voice recordings that you select. No idea is lost and everyone can continue to work with the meeting outcomes straight away.

    Sessions also protects its users from a data privacy point of view. Files brought into a session, or the results from a brainstorm, are wiped from the system when a meeting ends. Of course, Sessions warns users that they need to save their files before emptying all caches, but it always makes sure no sensitive files remain lingering in the system for others to look at.

    Managing Sessions

    Enable more effective Sessions

    Sessions is designed to take away any barriers that might keep people away from using the e-Screens in your meeting rooms. From planning a meeting, to collaborating and recapping, Sessions is an easy-to-use tool. Upon starting Sessions, the company-wide video conferencing tool is available and ready to go, while the launcher offers every application that has been programmed by the IT-staff.

    All files that people need are accessible through Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or can be brought into the session by using a simple USB-drive or a personal device like a laptop, phone or tablet.

    Protect your Sessions

    Sessions also keeps an eye out for (data) safety and privacy. By using Sessions, organisations enable their employees to use selected applications in an environment that offers a secure place to work in.

    The kiosk mode prevents people ‘wandering’ outside to the operating system where they might (de-)install other applications, make changes to the settings or alter the system in any other way. Only system administrators can make changes to the system, making sure the complete setup remains the way it was meant to be and the e-screen is always ready for the next session.

    Provide more space with Sessions

    Sessions effectively solves the common shortage of meeting rooms and increases the effective occupancy rate of existing meeting rooms. The Exchange connection built into the software automatically displays the room’s status to whoever walks into it.

    It also allows for an instant booking on the spot for a spontaneous meeting with the ‘free room’ functionality. Gone are the days that meeting rooms remain empty for hours, because they are blocked by (recurring) meetings that actually do not take place. 

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