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What home office situation are you in?

A year ago, working from home was something that most people did occasionally. Today, it is the daily reality for many of us. It is even often the case that multiple family members are working at home at the same time. What of course has not changed is the space you have available at home. If you are lucky, you have a "dedicated" home office, but in most cases temporary solutions have to be devised. For the 3 most common home office situations, we provide tips on how to work in a structured way:

1. A dedicated home office

The experienced home workers, who also regularly worked from home before COVID-19, will in most cases have a well-equipped space. The nice thing about a permanent home office is that you can keep your work and private life separate more easily. When your workday is over, you just close the door of your office behind you. Another advantage of a dedicated home office is that you can decorate it to your taste and needs. For example, for keeping track of a project, you can choose a whiteboard on the wall. Combine this with an acoustic pinboard for both more space for notes as well as improved acoustics in the room. Improved acoustics can be especially nice during video meetings because there is less echo from other people's sounds and you yourself can be better understood.


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2. The living room desk

For those who do not have an extra room to transform into a dedicated home office, a desk in the living room is often a solution. The living room is the center of a house, often nice and close to the kitchen and usually easy to keep warm or cool. Typical annoyances that can arise with this home office situation are a messy desk and a lack of space for notes/planning.

We understand that a standard whiteboard will not fit into most interiors. So perhaps one of our smaller frameless whiteboards would be a good stylish alternative? In this way, you can combine a BOARD-UP whiteboard with one or more acoustic panels (available in different colors) to create a modular visualization wall that fits perfectly in your interior. The panels are also very easy to change by means of the magnetic mounting. In addition, our ESSENCE whiteboard is a design object in itself!

3. The flexible home office space

Don't have a fixed workspace at home or do you have to share your workspace with your partner, for example, a few days a week? Then there is still a way to have your notes and schedule at hand.

Magic-Chart is such a solution that actually fits any situation. The static sheets stick to any flat surface without the use of glue, thus leaving no residue. An additional advantage is that you can easily move the sheets when you sit down somewhere else or when the workday is done. Magic-Charts are available in small "notes" (10x20cm), but also in A4 or even larger sizes 60x80cm and 90x120cm. Besides the difference in sizes, there is also the choice of different types: whiteboard, flipchart and blackboard.   

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