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Start this new year fresh with the latest ETX firmware update!

Our latest firmware release for the ETX and ETX Plus touchscreens brings a fresh look to the things you do most often, making your jobs to be done easier than ever. Our new features help you get what you need in the right moment and allows you to work and collaborate in new and exciting ways. So, what can you expect from firmware update 10005?

The new firmware version 10005 is ready for you, which means that you can now simply install it via the settings menu of your ETX / ETX PLUS 20 series to unlock the new features. In this firmware update, you will find new features for AirServer and several new apps like EShare, Whiteboard and Visualizer document reader. You don't have to download these apps separately as they are installed automatically during the firmware update. After updating, your ETX screen is also compatible with the Viso MDM solution by Radix. Here is an introduction to the new apps and features.

Discover the new app functionalities from AirServer

Having compatibility with iOS, Chrome OS, Android and Windows everyone can share their ideas in an instant and simultaneously to the same screen with AirServer. Connecting new devices is extremely easy, which makes it the ideal solution for any meeting room or classroom. With the new QR code scan functionality, you get the option to enable a QR code discovery feature, for easy and fast discovery over AirPlay. The new Bluetooth discovery feature adds another layer of full compatibility to the AirPlay protocol, AirServer is one of the few selected apps to incorporate this feature. 

ETX is the only screen that offers you a choice of 2 casting apps. As a default, AirServer is activated, but you also have the choice to activate EShare Pro. 

Share every document in a second with EShare 

EShare is a wireless screen-sharing application that will not only allow you to collaborate and cast your content from your mobile phone, tablet or laptop, but also enables you to directly and seamlessly share files to your ETX touchscreen. This provides you with an easy and reliable way of integrating with all the built-in tools you need. You have the ability to cast up 9 devices simultaneously to your touch screen and annotate directly to the screen with your own personal device. We hear you thinking, yes how awesome is that! For more information about an EShare license, please contact your dealer or our customer care team.


Bring ideas to life with the new Whiteboard app 

Imagination becomes reality, designed to bring the collective power of the group to life. The “Whiteboard” App allows you to share your ideas instantly. Draw, type, add an image or note on your touchscreen. Watch your ideas take shape and take your creativity to new heights. Share your notes, ideas and teaching materials instantly via email, USB or QR code.

Digitise your documents with the Visualizer document app

With this App, you are finally able to easily digitise any document with the use of an external camera. Then you can easily import that content in the “Whiteboard” App and view, focus and adjust your scanned document within the Whiteboard app. You can also annotate or write notes on your scanned document in the whiteboard app and then share it digitally with your students.

Start managing your screens with MDM Radix

Manage your touchscreens with Viso MDM and stay on top of your device fleet, wherever your employees and customers are or whatever the use case may be. Manage, maintain, configure, track and lock your available ETX touchscreens – through a single interface, making sure they are ready and optimized for their use. You can get a Viso MDM license via Radix. More information about MDM Radix is available here.
Other great improvements that come with the new firmware 10005 release:
•    Added App for .xapk installation
•    Added Power Setting option to keep Power and Network ON to the OPS after the screen is shut down
•    Extra languages: Czech, Italian & Suomi
•    RS232 over IP Protocol
•    Fixed: All ADB connections are now refused by the screen's internal Android to upkeep our network security standards
•    Fixed: OK button on remote control does not freeze the screen's image.

Want to know more about this new firmware update? Contact our Customer Care service via e-mail or phone. 

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