07 September 2021   1192   5 min

Eco-friendly office supporters

Meet our newest eco-friendly office supporters - the WOODEN accessories starter kit with a total of 17 essential pieces for getting the most out of your whiteboard. With this set, you always have all markers, magnets and cleaning tools at hand and can easily take them with you wherever you go. Whenever you want to make space for new ideas, you can easily clean the whiteboard surface, which also helps to extend the lifetime of your whiteboard.

Two brands, one common goal

The WOODEN accessories starter kit consists of FSC-certified Legamaster accessories and climate-neutral edding Ecoline whiteboard markers. You probably know Legamaster and edding as two separate brands – Legamaster as a brand for visual communication solutions and edding as a brand for writing and marking solutions. But do you also know that both brands belong to the edding Group sharing the same values and ambitions regarding sustainability?

That’s why both brands also continuously research and implement new ways to protect the environment and lower (y)our environmental footprint. These efforts now come together in the most eco-friendly whiteboard accessory set in the market.

FSC-certified: Legamaster WOODEN accessories

Whether in the office, at presentations or at lectures, giving back to the planet always feels great. With the WOODEN accessories, you can do so, because all wooden parts come from sustainable forestry and are FSC certified. The WOODEN accessories starter kit includes a marker holder, magnets, an accessory holder (with whiteboard cleaning tools) and an eraser (with 3 refill pads).

  • Stick loose notes on your whiteboard with magnets
  • Store your (eco-friendly) markers in the marker holder
  • Easily clean your whiteboard after every use

WOODEN range

90% recycled material: edding Ecoline markers

The dry-wipable and refillable whiteboard markers in the WOODEN accessories starter kit are part of the climate-neutral edding EcoLine range, which are made from made from 90% recycled material. Out of this, 7% are pre-consumer plastics and 83% are post-consumer plastics like empty yoghurt pots, old watering cans and discarded plastic buckets.

  • 83% post-consumer plastics & 7% pre-consumer plastics
  • Certified climate-neutral production
  • Awarded with German Federal Ecodesign award

Ecoline range

We care about a green future

Of course, the WOODEN accessories starter kit is only one of the many eco-friendly Legamaster solutions and initiatives. We are taking steps every day to become a greener brand to also enable you to make green choices with every visual communication solution you buy for your (home) office or school.

Interested to learn more? Check out our “Sustainability” page to get an up-to-date overview about our journey towards lowering our environmental footprint and providing the most eco-friendly solutions.