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Board Hygiene – Best practices

In all areas of life there is a lot of attention right now for hand hygiene, personal space and making necessary changes to adapt to the new situation. The same goes of course for offices and schools. In relation to that, we get a lot of questions regarding the safe use of viscom tools, especially about the sanitization of our whiteboard and glassboard surfaces in common areas, meeting rooms and classrooms. Here is an overview of the best practices that you can also download and print as visual reminder for the people using the whiteboards and glassboards.

Cleaning your whiteboard & glassboard

Before using your whiteboard or glassboard and the associated markers and magnets, we recommend that you pay attention to healthy hand hygiene. Wash your hands thoroughly or use a disinfectant. After each use, immediately clean the whiteboard surface by using an appropriate disinfectant like these disposable wipes that come in a handy dispenser. An alternative is to use a whiteboard cleaner spray. For the best results, combine the whiteboard cleaning spray with a Microfiber cloth to optimally clean the surface and also completely remove (older) ink stains. After usage, the microfiber cloth can simply be washed in the washing machine.


Download poster with cleaning instructions

Optimal bacteria resistance

Did you know that whiteboards with enameled steel surfaces, also called CeramicSteel, are engineered to be bacteria resistant? Although the smooth and nonporous enameled surfaces do not actually kill the bacteria, they do inhibit its growth and spread.

The enameled surfaces do not allow bacteria to grow, but of course they do not have the natural ability to act as a self-disinfectant. That’s why it is still necessary to ensure thorough disinfection by using disinfectants (wipes or whiteboard cleaners). Standard and high-potent cleaning solutions used for disinfecting and sanitizing will not damage the surface.


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Frameless board surfaces

If there is a very strong emphasis on thorough hygiene in your working environment, then we recommend using frameless boards. These do not have any gaps into which viruses and bacteria are particularly likely to retreat. In addition, you can reach the entire surface without any problems and can clean and, if necessary, disinfect it completely.


View our frameless whiteboards

View our frameless glassboards


Of course you also need accessories like markers, magnets and cleaning materials to use on the whiteboard or glassboard. While Bring-Your-Own-Device is already a trend for many years, where people use their own device for school or work, we recently see a trend towards Bring-Your-Own-Accessories. The reason is that many people simply feel more comfortable if they do not have to share their accessories with others. If you have your own set, you also never have to worry if there are any accessories at all and you can easily take them with you to different locations throughout the week – for example if you switch between working in the office and in your home office.


View the BASIC set for whiteboards

View the STARTER set for glassboards

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