09 November 2021   3064   5 min

Hybrid working with Supreme touchscreen at Van Tilburg Energie Design

The engineers at the Dutch company Van Tilburg Energie Design can now add design corrections and decisions directly (digitally) in their drawings. This allows them to work even more efficiently and less error prone. All together in the same room or at a distance from each other at different locations, there are no more obstacles to working together on designs.­­

1. Can you explain the specific need for which you started looking for a solution?

We were looking for a solution to collaborate more efficiently within our own teams and in meetings with clients, both locally and via video conferencing.

We were looking to improve our presentation room. There was a large TV, but for visualizing and drawing a flipchart was often used. The wish was to be able to carry out all these activities digitally. Design decisions can now be processed directly in the drawing, making it clearer and leaving less room for errors.

2. How did you come into contact with Legamaster's solutions?

We do a lot of business with Martin Cuypers in Venray (NL). We contacted them and explained our challenges. Together with Legamaster, they gave us a demo of the interactive solutions they have to offer and went through our requirements.

We were quickly convinced of the quality of the Legamaster screens, compared to some of their competitors. Our only doubt was which type of screen would best suit our needs.

'For making comments on designs, a high degree of accuracy is important.'

3. What was the deciding factor in choosing the Supreme from Legamaster and how did you experience the purchasing process?

The quality of the touchscreen was the deciding factor, the feeling we experienced during the demo sessions. The way the screen reacted to touch felt most natural.

The purchasing process was very pleasant. Martin Cuypers and Legamaster gave us all the time and attention we needed, and all our questions in the meantime were answered competently.

4. How would you describe the added value of the Legamaster solution?

We have only just started using the solution. The engineers have already had a number of sessions in which they were able to make direct digital notes on designs, which they found to be very useful.

We highly recommend the touch-sensitive and therefore precise operation. A high degree of accuracy is important when making comments on designs. Because we can now do this together with the customer on the large screen, this is a real added value for us.

5. Would you recommend the solution to someone else and what would you say?

That quality always comes first when making choices in this segment. If you want users to embrace it, then all facets must be thought through. Quality, ease-of-use and services. That's why we chose Legamaster.

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