10 December 2020   4426   5 min

We #sharethemagic with you

2020: a strange and eventful year. The year in which COVID-19 gave a completely different turn to our daily lives and rhythm. The year in which we pay extra attention to our loved ones. 2020 was mainly about looking out for each other, offering support and showing that you care about each other. That's why we want to end this year with something special.

We have asked our colleagues worldwide to create a personal message and share some positivity with you – our valued customers, partners and suppliers. Because we feel that especially this year, it is vital to "share the magic". We must say that we are really excited about the response, artistic talent and truly caring messages.

Need some positivity? Take a look at the inspirational quotes, jokes, Christmas greetings and beautiful drawings that our team members and their loved ones created on our Magic-Charts!

Share the magic

Here is an overview of some of the #sharethemagic drawings that were created for YOU. Want to see more drawings? Check out our "Legamaster International" LinkedIn and Instagram accounts. Want to join us? Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find out how you can join #sharethemagic.


Want to share your magic? Join us!

Do you also want to support and inspire others with your favourite quote or creative drawing? Then please join us in the positive end-of-year vibe. All you need is one or more Magic-Charts and a marker.

When you are done, simply post your picture with the hashtags #SHARETHEMAGIC and #MAGICCHART on your Instagram account. We will then also share your post, so everyone will get your message.

And no worries - this is not a competition or about finding the next Rembrandt. It's all about creating your own magic and spreading some positivity at the end of this year and the start of the new year.

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