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Legamaster wins the "Visual Communication Products" BOP award 2022

This year Legamaster was proud to be nominated for 4 products in 6 categories for the Benelux Office Products (BOP) awards. The presentation of the Benelux Office Products Awards took place at Residence Rhenen on the 6th of October. This 18th edition counted more than 40 nominated products and solutions in thirteen different categories. The awards were presented during a lively dinner show organised by KBM. As last year, Legamaster was able to take home the BOP award in the category "Visual Communication Products":


"Digital meetings are very common these days. The consequence is more technology in the meeting room. Interactive screens, video conferencing tools, software for digital collaboration, you name it. All these different tools can make it quite complicated to hold an effective online meeting. Legamaster has DisplayNote Meeting room software for this, which streamlines this process and makes meetings easy and hassle-free. Users get easier access to tools, applications and content and a meeting room is up and running in no time. Online communication will continue to evolve. The DisplayNote Meeting room software is therefore a very interesting product for the trade looking for new segments. This handy software offers real added value in this respect, according to the jury"

DisplayNote Meeting Room Software
Visual Communication Products

The increasing number of digital meetings leads to more use of meeting room technology. Think about interactive screens, videoconferencing tools and software to support digital collaboration.

All these different tools can make it complicated to set up a meeting and start collaborating. It is for this reason that we offer a solution that makes setting up a meeting simple and straightforward: DisplayNote Meeting Room Software.

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