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How to boost collaboration

During meetings & lessons with Legamaster AirServer Connect

While it is very common that people have one or more (mobile) devices with them during meetings and lessons, many businesses and schools still struggle to offer secure and user-friendly solutions to enable content sharing from these devices. The result is that setting up presenters, switching between presenters or allowing for spontaneous contributions is often a hassle.

To solve this, the Legamaster AirServer Connect is an easy-to-use solution that enables wireless screen mirroring – typically from a smaller (smartphone, tablet or laptop) screen onto a larger screen. But how does this work during meetings or lessons? Here are 8 examples how Legamaster AirServer Connect enables next-level collaboration.


Meetings: easy-to-use collaboration tool during a brainstorm or project meeting

  1. Move freely: Meeting hosts can share their presentation from their own smartphone, tablet or laptop – no matter if it is an iOS, Chrome OS, Android or Windows device – and direct the presentation from anywhere in the meeting room.
  2. Wow-factor: With the device in hand, presenters can page forward, zoom, adjust the volume or switch between media. This adds that final polish or wow-factor to the overall presentation.
  3. Easy-to-use: Anyone who has something to share can instantly connect their device by simply scanning a QR code. That means that several presenters can join in without breaking the flow of the meeting, because no cables, separate adapters or apps are needed.
  4. Security: There is no need to give guests access to your WiFi network as it is possible to use the guest hotspot of the AirServer.


”Bring your own device, share your content
& present from anywhere in the room.”



Lessons: create learner-centric classrooms & increase student participation

  1. Multimedia lessons: Teachers or trainers can prepare lessons and easily project their multimedia presentations from their tablets or laptops. There are no limitations to the type of content that you can share – video’s, pictures, slides or even games in HD quality.
  2. 1:1 classroom management: While streaming, teachers can move around freely and interact with students while maintaining a connection to the presentation material being projected to the entire class.
  3. Collaboration: Students can work on (group) assignments and easily share the results with the rest of the class. Different groups of students can also compare their results by mirroring their screens at the same time.
  4. Educational games: Students can simultaneously mirror their screens while playing an educational game for the thrill of a live competition.


These examples show how the Legamaster AirServer Connect is designed to improve the collaboration experience and open up whole new ways of collaborating. Interested to learn more? Read the interview with Product Marketing Manager Maarten Meenks to find out more about the philosophy behind this solution.

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