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A touch screen is one of the most versatile tools available in a meeting room. It is both a dynamic creation tool, like a whiteboard you can write and draw on it, and also a static display tool, on which you can show presentation slides, movies and images.

In addition, it is a perfect tool for talking beyond the meeting room, using the integrated video conferencing equipment. The Legamaster XTX-series offer a durable solution that perfectly fit into any collaboration and conferencing environment.

Go! Unlimited: the all-in-one touch screen solution!



The versatility of the screen offers many key benefits to the user. Presenting, writing and drawing on the screen is an active process, and energizes the speaker. Whenever you step up to the e-Screen, your energy level will rise.

The intuitive XTX screen makes you feel comfortable navigating through it. This helps you to tell your story effectively and get your message across. This e-Screen series supports your story, whether it is creative, inspirational or aimed at collaboration.

The possibilities are unlimited.

Video conferencing

No boundaries

Video conferencing has quickly become a business standard in many industries. With the XTX screen it becomes easier than ever to connect with partners, clients and colleagues across the globe.

This unlimited allin-one solution has integrated cameras, a microphone and conferencing tailored loudspeakers.

The technology meets the requirements for high quality video conferencing and therefore you can focus on exchanging ideas and information and without getting wrapped up in the ‘tech’ of it all.


Access to all features

Next to all the integrated elements to support you in your day-to-day meetings, the XTX screen is equipped with many smart features. Clear buttons on the side, like an on-off button, make it possible for even an unexperienced user to start using the screen right away. What’s more, buttons become needless when it comes to writing and drawing on the screen. For instance, you can operate it with your fingertip and write with a very small stylus. And you can make your screen as clean as a whistle, with just a sweep of your hand.

All this can be done intuitively and without tapping a button. Unleash these features and your possibilities will be unlimited.

Integrated wide angle cameras
The two integrated Full HD wide angle cameras are positioned to capture both people standing close to the screen, as well as people sitting on a meeting room table.

Control & accessibility
4 button control pad and USB 3.0 port (OPS pc) directly accessible from the side.

Integrated microphone
The 4 channel microphone array with Acoustic Echo Cancelling, Noise Suppression and Auto Gain ensures clear and audible sound during video-or audio conference calls.

Integrated speakers
Tuned for video conferencing. The front facing system will work great in open office environments because the direct sound is aimed towards the audience.



Highlights XTX

Ultra HD/4K resolution | State of the art InGlass™ touch system | Anti-Glare glass | 2 integrated Full HD cameras |  
Integrated 4 channel microphone array | Front facing sound system | Automatic brightness adjustment |
OPS slot | EasyFix mounting solutions | Ultra slim design

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