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    The eXperience Agile Conference is a revolutionary event that brings together great speakers, cutting-edge Agile practices and exciting learning opportunities. This year, eXperience Agile (26-30 september 2020) is a special edition - what usually is a fun gathering of agile paractioners in Lisbon, is now for a large part a remote conference. But nonetheless it is great fun to be part of it.

    As Creative Partner of the conference, we offer all participants the opportunity to benefit from a 5% discount in the Lyreco webshop (Portugal and Spain) on selected Legamaster tools that you can also see "live" in action during the keynote presentations and workshops. Simply enter the code AGILE when you make your purchase. This code is valid until 09-10-2020.


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    Whiteboards are one the most popular tools used for visualisation. By drawing the process on a large whiteboard, you can literally visualise your projects from A to Z and enable everyone in your team to keep the overview and identify and discuss bottlenecks. Very often, the whiteboard wall becomes a central point in the office for project teams. But what are the key differences between whiteboards?


    With Magic-Charts, you have always colourful notes, a whiteboard or a flipchart at hand - anywhere you want and anytime you need. Magic-Charts are static sheets, which means that they stick without glue and there is no need to drill any holes. All you need is a flat surface, e.g. a wall, window, door or table and you immediately have a large writing surface where you can visualise your ideas or your planning.

    • Visualisation: Perfect for clustering, rearranging and aligning on ideas
    • Flexibility: Work while standing or sitting down
    • Work anywhere: Visualise on any flat surface & reposition anytime

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    Customise with matching accessories

    Did you know that we also offer markers, accessory holders, erasers, magnets and magnetic tapes that you can use to customise your solution and make working with your agile tools even more fun and effective?

    • Markers: For the best writing and drawing experience, choose markers with lightfast and quick-drying ink
    • Erasers: Keep your whiteboard in perfect shape
    • Emoji magnets: Visualise status updates to indicate whether a task or project is going as planned or needs specific attention
    • Self-adhesive magnetic tape: Make any object magnetic simply by attaching a strip of tape


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