Workshop boards
Structure ideas & create overviews

Workshop boards are great tools if you want to be flexible in how you document the creative process, structure topics and activate participants during group work, workshops, scrum sessions or project meetings. By visualising the project status or discussion outcome, teams can reach alignment or define next steps in a short time.

The Legamaster workshop boards and matching accessories ensure clear communication and create an engaging collaboration environment for all participants. For this, the workshop boards can be used as pinboards, but also in combination with flipchart paper or large paper sheets, e.g. to create a Kanban board.

Collaborate how you want

The key advantage of workshop boards is that you are fully flexible in the way you visualise your ideas. You can use small notes, flipchart paper or large paper sheets and firmly attach these to the board. That also makes the boards ideal for (project) overviews or meeting outcomes that you want to visualise for longer periods of time.

Next to the workshop boards, Legamaster also offers a range of accessories like paper sheets, an agile toolboxworkshop sets and workshop cases with a mix of workshop materials such as markers, push pins, stickers, tape and paper cards.

Collaborate where you want

To make it easy to organize workshops or brainstorm sessions in different locations and for different group sizes, all Legamaster workshop boards are designed for fast set-up and easy handling. The workshops boards can be mounted in different heights and in a vertical or horizontal orientation.

Several boards can easily be placed next to each other in a straight line, circle or angled to create the right workspace for your group work. If you want to work in a different room or location - no problem, the boards are mobile and we also offer foldable boards and carry bags to make it easy to take the workshop boards anywhere with you. 

New product line

Premium Plus workshop boards

The new Premium Plus workshop boards are stable, height-adjustable and easy to set up. Simply set up the board in a matter of seconds without any additional tools and you are ready to start collaborating. The Premium Plus workshop boards are available with two different working surfaces (felt or foam) and in two versions (foldable or non-foldable).

The six standard colours are white, anthracite, beige, blue grey, grey and navy blue. Other felt colors - from bright yellow to pretty pink - are available upon request.


  • High quality: Attractive, stable & durable design
  • Easy setup: Lightweight design & tool-free mounting
  • Perfect overview: Flexibly set up the boards depending on the group size 
  • Flexible: Pin, write, stick and rearrange your ideas on both sides of the board
  • Practical: Castors & flipchart hooks are included
  • Small footprint: Boards can be stored close to each other