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    Simply put the Wall-Up solution onto the office wall and create an infinite writing surface. Wall-Up is the whiteboard wall of the highest quality in the Space-Up writing collection. Turn each wall into a high-quality, writable and erasable whiteboard surface.


    XL whiteboard wall of the highest quality

    Wall-Up stands for quality. Create a writable wall that meets the highest standards. Wall-Up advantages include:

    • Create high and wide magnetic writing surfaces
    • Multiple boards can be combined into a single large writing surface with ease
    • For intensive use
    • Can be mounted either horizontally or vertically
    • Height x Width: 200 x 119,5 cm | 200 x 59,5 cm | 119,5 x 200 cm

    Wall-Up products



    space-up writing collection

    More ideas than writing space? The Space-Up collection provides space for EVERY idea, EVERY budget and EVERY working method!

    Does your project have clarity?
    Whether or not a project is successful largely depends on communication. And that could well be the most difficult aspect of the entire project... 

    How do you ensure good co-operation in class?
    Is it possible to work on a formula together and respond to questions, without running out of space or having to wipe part of the board? 

    Want to brainstorm successfully?
    How do you start up a proper brainstorming session? One which is also effective?

    Legamaster accessories

    Make your whiteboard wall ready for use with the following accessories


    Get even more out of your Space-Up solution. Supplement your whiteboard wall with markers and magnets. Or go for the easy option and choose one of the handy accessory sets. Click on one of the images below for more information.  

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