Whether or not a project is successful largely depends on communication. And that could well be the most difficult aspect of the entire project. This applies to you as the project leader and also to your team.

A whiteboard surface, a useful tool for the entire team!
But how do you create good communication? By keeping each other informed of progress. By having the space to explain a problem. Or solving problems by sharing information with each other. Everything depends on good communication with and between team members. 



A whiteboard surface is a useful tool in this respect. Why?

  • By drawing the process on a large whiteboard, you can literally visualise the project from A to Z.
  • Each project or team member can easily add comments by writing them on the whiteboard.
  • A large writing wall becomes a central point in the office for your project team, so that everyone can easily keep the overview.
  • By looking at the project overview at the whiteboard regularly, the project team can identify and discuss the bottlenecks in an early stage.




whiteboard XL

A writing surface as wide as the wall.

The Space-Up writing collection enables you to create an infinite writable wall. A whiteboard in XL format. It allows you to visualise the whole project from A to Z. Don’t feel limited by the dimensions of your whiteboard. Write, hang things up or draw: everything in a single big overview. Choose one of the three options below.

3 Space-up solutions

Want to know more? Click on one of the Space-Up solutions below.

Legamaster accessories

Make your whiteboard wall ready for use with the following accessories


Get even more out of your Space-Up solution. Supplement your whiteboard wall with markers and magnets. Or go for the easy option and choose one of the handy accessory sets. Click on one of the images below for more information.  

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