• Is it possible to work on a formula together and respond to questions, without running out of space or having to wipe part of the board? AND get everyone actively involved? AND make sure that students at the back of the class can see properly and get a chance to actively participate? The answer is “yes”!  And it’s actually very simple...

    Teamwork in class
    Teamwork and collaboration helps students get more involved in assignments and in class. What’s more, this kind of involvement is exactly what you want to achieve. Students learn best when they actively join in.


    right tools

    Useful tool for co-operation in class

    With the right tools, you can encourage teamwork among students. A large whiteboard offers the perfect kind of support.

    It’s ideal for visualising dynamic information: showing a complete mathematical calculation, for example, or keeping track of students’ various ideas within a project group. What you need is space: a canvas for each and every student so that everyone is not only heard, but also seen. It’s essential for good co-operation.

    whiteboard XL

    A writing surface as wide as the classroom

    The Space-Up writing collection enables you to create an infinite writable wall.  A whiteboard in XL. This gives unlimited possibilities during a class or in an assignment. Write, hang things up or draw: everything in a single overview. Choose one of the three options below.

    3 Space-up solutions

    Want to know more? Click on one of the Space-Up solutions below.

    Legamaster accessories

    Make your whiteboard wall ready for use with the following accessories


    Get even more out of your Space-Up solution. Supplement your whiteboard wall with markers and magnets. Or go for the easy option and choose one of the handy accessory sets. Click on one of the images below for more information.  

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