• How do you start up a proper brainstorming session? One which is also effective? Of course, brainstorming sounds great. But how do you make sure that everyone leaves with a number of really good ideas at the end of the session? 



    The right ingredients for brainstorming

    A number of ingredients are essential for a good brainstorming session. The purpose and scope have to be clearly formulated. And commitment from the team members is a must. That means no distractions in the form of mobile phones or other things. But if you really want to go for, you need space. Space to write down ideas and visualise them. A large whiteboard, as wide as the wall, is ideal for this!

    A blank canvas as the central point of any brainstorming session.
    When brainstorming, the focus should be on quantity. The more, the better. This means you don't want to feel restricted by the edges of a whiteboard. Instead, you want to have the whole wall to write on. The Space-Up collection offers several solutions for this.

    whiteboard XL

    A writing surface as wide as the wall

    The Space-Up writing collection enables you to create an infinite writable wall.  A whiteboard in XL. This gives you the opportunity to write all your ideas down during a brainstorm session. Write, hang things up or draw: everything in a single overview. Choose one of the three options below.

    3 Space-up solutions

    Want to know more? Click on one of the Space-Up solutions below.

    Legamaster accessories

    Make your whiteboard wall ready for use with the following accessories


    Get even more out of your Space-Up solution. Supplement your whiteboard wall with markers and magnets. Or go for the easy option and choose one of the handy accessory sets. Click on one of the images below for more information.  

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