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As remote work and home office will be the new normal, professionals all over the world face new challenges. Because a home office is in the first place a private home without any office component except a laptop and a fast internet connection.

So the question arises how we can adjust our home so it accomodates a modern work-style without a major impact on the design and comfort of our living area? 

To help professionals with this challenge, we have partnered with Playroom and together, we give away 25 sets with incredibly helpful tools for remote workers. Are you tired of sitting at your kitchen table all day, do you miss your whiteboard to visualise ideas and do you wish you had a Swiss army knife for remote work - then check out our joint give-away initiative!

The situation

There is no office in the home office

While mobile phones, laptop computers and a fast internet connection are standard, most homes are not equipped with regular office tools. There is a lack of space for notes, markers and the visual creation of concepts and ideas on flipcharts or whiteboards.

Video conferences are being held in the same sitting position for hours which guarantees boredom and a backache for every participant. And there is a simple reason for that: Our living environment was planned as “home”, not as “office”.

This is where HOME and Magic-Charts join the game - flexible visualisation solutions that are there when you need them and can easily be moved out of sight when you are done for the day. You can use both solutions stand-alone or combine them for ultimate home office freedom.

The solutions

What is HOME

HOME is an all-in-one workstation, developed by Playroom, to temporarily transform our living environment into an office environment. HOME consists of lightweight whiteboard modules based on KAPA, which allow the highest possible agility in a small space. All surfaces are magnetic and have a whiteboard surface. Additional features offer the possibility to arrange mobile phone and laptop in different positions for video conferences.

  • Work while standing or sitting down
  • Integrated plug-ins for laptop, mobile phone, coffee cups, etc.
  • Easy-to-move, lightweight design


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What are Magic-Charts

With Legamaster's Magic-Charts, you have a whiteboard or flipchart at hand - anywhere you want and anytime you need. Magic-Charts are static sheets, which means that they stick without glue and there is no need to drill any holes. All you need is a flat surface, e.g. a wall, window, door or table and you immediately have a large writing surface where you can visualise your ideas or your planning.

  • Work while standing or sitting down
  • Visualise on any flat surface
  • Reposition anytime


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Enter now

Upgrade your HOME office

Simply fill in the form below to stand a chance to upgrade your home office with one of the 25 sets:


Set 1-3: 1x HOME, 1x board cleaner, 1x Magic-Chart 60x80, 1x Magic-Chart notes, 1x board markers

Set 4-10: 1x Magic-Chart 60x80, 1x board markers

Set 11-25: 1x Magic-Chart notes, 1x board markers


The entry deadline is 31 August 2020. In general, there are no strings attached. We will randomnly select the winners and not bother you with any additional information unless you ask us to. See disclaimer for details.

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