Våra produkter för Whiteboards

Are you looking for a high-quality, durable whiteboard to enhance, say, your lesson, presentation or activities within your organization? Legamaster has a wide range of whiteboards (also known as memo boards) of various types and sizes: from wall-mounted whiteboards to mobile, tiltable whiteboards and boards with folding panels.

Choose the right board surface for your whiteboard
The most important part of a whiteboard or memo board is the surface. The board surface that is right for you will depend on your specific situation. There are three types of board surface, each with its own characteristics and qualities:

  • Enamel steel
    A scratch-resistant, magnetic surface suitable for long-term intensive use.
  • Lacquered steel
    A magnetic board surface with a special coating suitable for long-term regular use.
  • Melamine
    A non-magnetic surface made of melamine resin that is scratch- and pressure-resistant to a certain extent. Suitable for regular use.

Want to find out more about our whiteboards?
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