STX e-Screens
It’s all in the detail

The displays in the STX range provide high-quality, razor-sharp images
in Ultra-HD resolution, creating a perfectly sharp picture with which to impress your
audience and allowing the display of up to 400% more data on your screen compared
with a Full-HD display.

image quality

Picture perfect

Enjoy perfect image quality and never miss a button or scroll bar when working on the screen. Optical-bonded display technology eliminates the airgap found in conventional touch screens, enabling the use of super-thin cover glass. This technology increases the transmission of light from the display, resulting in a much brighter, clearer picture.

With STX series optical-bonded displays, content readability is significantly improved thanks to the elimination of internal reflections in the screen. Last but not least, the absence of a parallax effect ensures a level of touch accuracy that’s second to none.


Modern design

touch experience

To be precise


The multi-touch technology in the STX series can be used with any passive pointing device, such as a finger or the very thin, precision stylus. The optional driver also allows object recognition for Windows 10 computers. This feature enables you to operate your software with your fingertips and make notes using the stylus.

To wipe the slate clean again, simply sweep the screen using the palm of your hand. It’s all done intuitively, without the touch of a single button.

Highlights STX

Why choose the STX?

  • Optical bonding 
  • 4K/Ultra HD resolution
  • Anti-glare glass
  • High-precision infra-red touch technology
  • Fanless design
  • OPS slot
  • EasyFix mounting solutions
  • Ultra-slim design
  • Automatic brightness adjustment
  • Low energy consumption

blending in

Light is right

The durable, ultra-slim design of the STX series creates a non-intrusive, minimalistic, professional design that will fit in any meeting room, huddle space, open office space or other business environment. 

Light is right. The advanced techniques used to build the display, combined with the use of cover glass just 2 mm thick, mean a 30%-weight reduction compared with conventional large-format touch displays. This not only reduces the environmental impact, but is also easy on the installation engineer’s back and makes it easier to move when mounted on a mobile stand.

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