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Over the past few years, the traditional blackboard has been replaced in many schools by whiteboards or digital blackboards also known as digiboards. Legamaster offers a wide range of (interactive) solutions for every class.

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The possibilities of digiboards can be found in the section on e-Boards and e-Screens. These are flexible, interactive solutions that can be adjusted to suit the needs of any classroom. We supply suitable software for use with our e-Boards and e-Screens. Are you more interested in versatile whiteboards or specific teaching materials such as preprinted whiteboards showing the human anatomy or maps of the world or Europe, for example? No matter: you've still come to the right place!

Interactive teaching using a digiboard

Sometimes it can be difficult to hold pupils' attention. You can encourage pupils to get more involved by making the lessons more dynamic. In many cases, the key to doing that is to use the right teaching aids. Over the past few years, the digiboard has proven to be a very powerful tool for the classroom. The digiboard combines the benefits of a whiteboard with those of a PC, enabling you to print and save information on a digital blackboard as well as to share it with others with veritable ease. The range of digital teaching material is also growing all the time, enabling you to make optimum use of your digiboard.
The digiboard is better suited to traditional teaching methods than a PC because the teacher can watch pupils and keep a close eye on the class. This is a major benefit compared with teaching computers which are also often used in the classroom. With the digiboard, pupils are also able to stand in front of it and work on it as their classmates or teacher look on.

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