Creative brainstorming begins with Legamaster

When it's time to gather creative ideas, organizing a brainstorming session is often the answer. A meeting with your customers or colleagues is a good way of trying to generate as many new ideas as possible. Whilst there are many different types of brainstorming session, they all have the same prerequisite: to achieve the desired result.

Useful tools for effective brainstorming

The most creative and unique ideas often come to mind during a brainstorming session. Once ideas start flowing, more will come naturally, prompting further suggestions from other participants. That's why it is important for all ideas to be recorded during a brainstorming session, ideally in a way that everyone can see them.
Legamaster offers useful tools for effective brainstorming including workshop boards, carry bags and accessories for creating a brainstorming environment. For example, the versatile Multiboard gives you a whiteboard, pinboard and flipchart in one. It also provides a great mobile solution for brainstorming because you can set it up and take it down with real ease – it also has a handy carry bag. Do you hold a lot of extensive, professional brainstorming sessions? Legamaster has put together a special workshop case containing useful accessories such as symbol cards, rectangles and circles, presentation markers, round-head pins and adhesive dots. So you can be sure of having everything you need to hand!

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