Legamaster wins Customer Experience Award


At Legamaster, we aim to provide the best possible service and maintain good relations with our customers. Throughout the organisation, we put all our energies into making sure our customers are satisfied on a daily basis. For this reason, we are proud to announce that our combined efforts have resulted in an Experience Award.


Most recommended by customers

The Experience Award is a highly sought-after award presented to the top-performing organisations in terms of customer, employee and facility experience. A total of 12 organisations received awards at the ceremony, held at Hotel nhow in Rotterdam. The organisations with the most satisfied customers, employees and end-users of facility services were nominated for an award in one of three categories: Customer Experience, Employee Experience and Facility Experience. Legamaster came top in the ‘Most recommended by customers’ category, winning the Customer Experience Award. Fellow nominees in this category included Hypertherm and Sensus.


Confirmation of Legamaster’s level of service

Our success at winning the Experience Award confirms the level of the service we provide. This result shows that our efforts to constantly raise customer satisfaction across the board are paying off.  We believe that customer loyalty and the retention of customers are fundamental aspects of our business. We aim to ensure that our customers continue to choose to rely on our services in the years to come, helping our business to grow.


Customer satisfaction survey

To find out how companies are doing in terms of customer satisfaction, research is required. The Experience Award is the result of an extensive survey of over 400 organisations into customer, employee and end-user satisfaction. For the sixth year in a row, the survey and the awards were organised by Integron, a leading research and consultancy firm in the areas of customer, employee and internal customer research.


List of award winners

Customer Experience:

Legamaster, Sensus, ATM, Evides Industriewater, BNG Bank and Flash Group.


Facility Experience:

ANWB and Eurojust.


Employee Experience:

De Groot en Slot, NEBU and Kraamzorg de Waarden.


Being satisfied, staying satisfied

Legamaster would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone whose efforts have made this award possible. However, we don’t intend to be complacent. Keeping customers satisfied is a constant challenge. So, we’ll be working just as hard to ensure customer satisfaction next year, too. Maybe we’ll be nominated for the Experience Award again? Although this isn’t an aim in itself, it would be a powerful indication that customer satisfaction is firmly embedded within our company. Let’s get to work.